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Raw Banana and Mint Cutlets

banana mint cultets

banana mint cultets

The Escapades household loves cutlets and patties in almost all forms. In fact to make up for the slacking away here, after I read this post of Nupur’s on after school snacks, I pulled out a few frozen ones that I had sitting in the fridge and made them to go with my chai today.

My formula is real simple, a nice starchy vegetable with lots of body as the base, add any more vegetables of choice, bread crumbs, spices, herbs to taste, shape up into cutlets, fingers or bullets and fry in a shallow pan with very little oil. infact, for about a dozen or so of the cutlets, i use just about a tablespoon of oil.

Raw Banana Mint Cutlets

(Makes 12)

2 medium Raw Bananas (boiled with skin on and peeled)

1 medium Potato (boiled and peeled)

1/2 cup Fresh Pudina (Mint Leaves)

1 slice of fresh / dried bread

salt to taste

1/2 teaspoon lemon juice

1 teaspoon Red Chilli Powder

1/4 teaspoon Garam Masala (optional)

In a large bowl, add the boiled and peeled green banana, peel the potato and add it to the bowl. with your fingers, mash it till there are no lumps.

grind together the bread, mint leaves, red chilli powder and garam masala (if using) and add it to the banana-potato mix. Sprinkle the salt and lemon juice and mix.

Make 12 equal parts, roll between your palms into a ball and flatten slightly.

heat a pan with a teaspoon on oil (i used a non stick one). when the pan is hot, place the cutlets without overcrowding them and fry on both sides till golden brown. Repeat with all the cutlets. Serve with sauce as an appetizer, or with ragda or as a side with a nice dal/ sambhar and rice. you can also stuff this into a roti with salad and a bit of this spread to make a roll.

Always running late……with badam kulfi, lychee shrikhand and beet n banana cutlets

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The past week has been a riot….between all the things that have been going on, I haven’t indulged in my favourite pastime blog hopping….nor have I had the time to post anything…..also feel horribly lousy when I miss all the foodie event…its like preparing for a test…you know the deadline and procrastinate and by the time you get your act together yoo hoo!! Date’s over!!

badam elaichi kulfi

I was thrilled when I saw the microwave quick cooking event hosted by Srivalli ….about 12 years ago when i was still in college, my aunt got one for my mother after her trip abroad…..i remember the customs officers in hyderabad didnt know how much to charge us because they hadn’t seen too many of them….the MW took pride of place in the kitchen…all covered up with choicest linen…. yours truly tested the waters…literally the first thing I made in it was a cup of hot water and subsequently instant coffee, served it to amma and watched her closely as she sipped it….asking “how is it?? Is it nice?? Is it different?” I was like the specialist penalty shooter after that….only I was called upon to operate her Majesty……I graduated from heating stuff to making mostly non Indian food in the MW – Mac and Cheese, Veg au gratin, pizzas etc. it has been my most beloved of all appliances and I use it extensively. Not just to boil and steam and reheat, but to cook a complete meals and even do the tadka sometimes…..especially when the cooking gas runs out and when I had a two burner stove……its such a blessing and cuts cooking time unbelievably…..the adage “slaving over the stove” has taken on a new meaning now I guess…..Inspired by Lata’s theratti paal made in the microwave and Tee’s post on malai kulfi plus not to mention the many litres of milk lying frozen in the fridge, it came as manna to me……I sort of married both of them and made some badam elaichi kulfi……..this is my entry to the Microwave Easy Cooking event, the brainchild of the creative Srivalli. I’m also sending it off to Sugar High Friday # 34, the oldest virtual food event, the brainchild of the innovative Jennifer of Domestic goddess and this month hosted by the passionate cook. The theme is local and regional specialties.

Lychee Shrikhand

I’ve also been eyeing the AFAM events that happen….i made an unusual (for me) Shrikhand that turned out super and i’m so thrilled to be able to send it to this event hosted by Sig this month, which is the brainchild of Maheshwari

Suganya not only suggested I post the other cutlet recipes I mentioned in the post on hara bhara kebabs (which I finished
off in the “replyto comment” itself), she graciously gave awarded me with the Thoughtful Blogger Award……thank you Suganya….here is finally the beetroot cutlet recipe ….

beet’n banana cutlets

its been raining blogger awards and I shall add my own two bits…… so on goes the thoughtful blogger award to these people here…..


Mathy, Indira and Jenn– for making such a difference to the food blogging world with your food blog resources

To Sig, Mishmash, Kanchana, Nupur and Shammi….. ladies you rock!!

leave you now with the recipes…have a lovely weekend….. Read the rest of this entry

Foxtail Millet and Vegetable Patties ~ Gluten free recipe

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I haven’t disappeared. Just been engulfed with things that happen in my non-blog world. I have opened this window countless times to just say hello or post a recipe, and shut it either because the words didn’t come out right (if at all), or I was too tired to even type out a recipe. 

A couple of years ago I began cooking (infrequently) with Millets. We first began buying and using them because they are nutritious and suited Amma’s diabetic diet. Later when we found our dog Sage was gluten intolerant, we switched him over to rotis made out of a combination of millets and rice flour. Millets now find themselves on the shelf with the other staples in my kitchen. Considering how long I have been cooking with them, I am quite ashamed I haven’t posted too many recipes here.

The easiest way to introduce yourself to millets, is to buy the flour and add it to dosa batter. I discovered foxtail millet and have been using it to replace rice to be eaten with dal, vegetables and curries and make pulav or upma with it. This millet looks like broken rice and is neutral in taste and flavour and hence is a good candidate to take for a test run if you are just starting off on millets. Ofcourse K won’t touch anything non mainstream with a barge-pole and one of the ways I got him to eat foxtail millet was to repeatedly sneak it into patties! He loves cutlets of all kinds, shapes and colours and sizes. 

This pattice recipe is quite simple and versatile enough to accommodate whatever vegetables you may have on hand, so feel free not to stick to the ones I used!

foxtail millet and vegetable patties

foxtail millet and vegetable patties

Foxtail Millet and Vegetable Patties

(Makes 8 medium patties)

Potato                                        2 medium, boiled, peeled and crumbled

Foxtail Millet                          1/2 cup, soaked in water for 2 hours, pressure cooked with 1 cup water for 2-3 whistles

Corn Kernels                           1/4 cup, fresh or frozen

Peas                                             1/4 cup, fresh or frozen

Carrot                                         1/2 cup, grated

Salt and pepper                      to taste

Lemon juice                            1 teaspoon

Fresh coriander leaves       a small bunch, chopped finely

Fresh Ginger                           1/2 inch piece, grated or chopped finely

Cumin Powder                       1/4 teaspoon

Garam Masala                        1/4 teaspoon (optional)

Red Chilli Powder                1/2 teaspoon (adjust according to spice tolerance)

Gram Flour (besan)             1-11/2 tablespoons (adjust according to the requirement for binding)

Oil                                                2-3 tablespoons for frying

Wash and soak the foxtail millet. After 2 hours, pressure cook with 1 cup water for 2-3 whistles. When cooled, fluff with a fork.

Add the peas, corn and grated carrot to a bowl and cook on high power in the microwave oven (or blanch in hot water on a stove top) for 3 minutes.

Crumble the potatoes, add the cooked millets and the rest of the ingredients  except the gram flour. Mix together and do a taste test. Adjust salt and spices according to your preferance. 

take a small portion of the mixture and shape into a patty, if it does not hold shape, add the gram flour with 1/2 tablespoon of water and mix together. Make 8 portions, shape into a round and flatten into a patty. 

Heat a frying pan (I use a non stick one) on medium high heat till hot. Add 2 tablespoons of oil swirl the pan so that the oil coats the whole cooking surface. Gently place the patties onto the pan and fry on medium heat for 5 minutes till golden brown. Flip over and fry on the other side too. 

Serve hot with sauce or chutney. 


Reader’s of my blog know that I do the disappearing act now and then. It’s some wonder that you are all still here, even if you stumbled upon my blog by chance, please stay, say hello and leave me a comment. A few days ago, we hit the magic number of 10K fans on the facebook page. Those of you who are subscribed to the page will get all the updates as they happen. I have merged the pages of the blog and the classes for the sake of my sanity. So while I apologise for the bombardment of class schedules, hopefully regular programming of recipes, tips and other fun stuff will resume quickly. 

The Culinary Escapades classes have been doing very well. Thank you for your love and support. It all started right here, on this blog. I still remember being super excited when I baked my first ‘edible’ cake. I remember tagging them as ‘baking escapades’ with their own numbers! I cannot believe I am teaching baking and slaying baking demons today. I am grateful for the love and the encouragement I receive each day through this blog. I’m doing multiple classes now, teaching all sorts of recipes from salads to chocolates. I’ve done classes with just one person and groups from corporate offices too. Each class I teach, I learn much more than I give. I’ve gained beautiful friendships and experienced the encouragement of friends who will push me to announce a class or force me to undertake an order for a batch of cupcakes. 

Today in my Dessert making class, I spoke for the first time about how I spent my teens and early twenties trying to prove so hard that I wasn’t a girly girl. I tried to be tough and break every stereotype. People who knew me through school and college gag at the fact that I write a food blog and that I teach cooking. But the truth is, I have found myself in the last 8 odd years, I have made peace with the demons both inside and outside my head, I have learnt to listen to my heart and do what makes me feel good. If this translates into being every form of stereotype, then so be it, because today, it does not make me upset to have a label stuck to me. I know better than to judge my life or that of anyone else’s with a set of words. 

If you want to see the pictures of our dessert making shenanigans, click here

On that note, I wish you a beautiful weekend and wherever in the world you are, stay happy. 



Beet and Orange Citrus Salad with Walnuts {Recipe}

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Beetroot and Orange Salad

Beetroot and Orange Salad

My love for beetroot is well, err, nonexistent to tell you the truth. It cannot be easy to get over years of being subjected to an overcooked grey green goop of a ‘curry’ to be eaten with sambar and rice in a hostel mess or any one of the several (cheap) eating joints one frequents as a singleton / student / working woman in a new place that actually turns out to be this brilliantly coloured beetroot! Imagine my shock and horror when I realized, hours of cooking can turn a beautiful wine coloured beetroot into a grey mess.

My favourite way to eat beetroot is boiled, chopped, with simple mustard and curry leaves tadka, salt and a dash of lime squeezed on top.

I also love them as cutlets which are very popular in the Escapades family and in a raita where they look so glam! Up next I want to try out this beautiful Beetroot and Gruyere Cheese Salad. Just look at how gorgeous it is!

I was supposed to join my friend Preethi who writes the blog The Meal Algorithm in her salad a day quest. she is posting one salad per day for the whole month of August and I failed miserably. This is a make up post honestly :( Check out her blog for some pretty awesome salad recipes

beetroot and orange salad

beetroot and orange salad

Beetroot and Orange Citrus Salad

Serves 2

Beetroot                                                          4, boiled and skin removed

Oranges                                                           3

Walnuts                                                           1/3 cup

Mint Leaves                                                    a few

For the Dressing

Orange Juice                                                   2 tablespoons

Honey                                                             2 teaspoons

Extra Virgin Olive Oil                                    2 teaspoons

Salt and pepper to taste

  1. Skin the oranges with a knife, removing the skin and the white membrane. Slice into rounds
  2. Boil and skin the beetroots, slice into rounds
  3. In a small bowl, add all the ingredients for the dressing and whisk lightly with a fork. Set aside
  4. On a plate, assemble the beetroot and orange slices; sprinkle the mint leaves and walnuts on top. Drizzle the salad dressing and serve immediately

Celebrate the Monsoons ~ Fresh Corn Papdi Chaat

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The arrival of the monsoons, my favourite time of the year, sees cart loads of fresh corn being sold all over the city where I live. The easiest and most tempting way to eat it is freshly roasted and slightly charred over hot coal, rubbed down with red chilli powder, salt and lemon. Most people would have at least once in their life, stopped their vehicle in pouring rain to get a freshly roasted bhutta to savour.

Fresh corn is extensively used in Indian cooking, from the bhutta malai curries of the north to Makai sabzi in Rajasthani cuisine, to crispy vadas of the south and of course there are cutlets, salads and pulavs. I have a list of recipes to try while fresh corn is still available. Use a sharp knife to remove the kernels from the cob, or peeled sweet corn that is readily available if you would prefer.

Fresh Corn Papdi Chaat

Fresh Corn and spices on a crisp papdi

I made an easy chaat using store bought papdi. You could substitute crispy savoury tart/ canapes shells, toasted baguette or even indian khakras or papad depending on which part of the world you live in, or what you have handy.

Fresh Corn Papdi Chaat

Fresh corn, cucumber, tomato, onion and spices on a crisp papdi

Fresh Corn Papdi Chaat (serves 2)

Fresh Corn Kernels               1 cup

Onion                                       1 small, finely chopped

Tomato                                    1 small, finely chopped, pulp removed

Fresh Coriander                     1 small bunch, finely chopped

Cucumber                                ½ small, peeled, deseeded and chopped

Papdis                                      1 small packet (any super market will have it in the snack section)

Fine Sev                                   1/2 cup

Salt and red chilli powder       to taste

Chaat masala                           1 teaspoon

Lemon juice                             ½ teaspoon

Steam the corn kernels for 3-4 minutes, rinse and drain. Set aside to cool.

Chop all the ingredients as mentioned and put them in a bowl.

Add the fresh coriander, lemon juice, red chilli powder, salt and chaat masala.

Place the papdis on a plate, spoon one spoon of the corn mixture onto each papdi, top with the fine sev, garnish with some more fresh coriander and serve immediately.

Am attempting to post soups and salads this whole month. In my mind, this qualifies as a very nice Indian Salad!


Some of the other corn recipes on this blog are:

Corn Bread

Corn Croquettes

Corn Pulav

Makai ki Sabzi


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