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Back to the Pavilion and a Comforting Noodle Soup Recipe (using instant noodles)

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It was a superb impromptu vacation. To see a part of the country you didn’t know what to expect from. It was so wonderful and exciting, that i even forgot to fuss over turning a year older!! We had a lovely time, i came back with fabulous memories, a tonne of photographs, the joy of having met a dear friend and gratitude for my namesake who graciously opened her home to K and me. Also came back with severe sun burn (the skin on my neck is still peeling) and K is a little under the weather! I hope to blog about all the places we saw in a while. for now, let me just say, much as i had a fabulous time, coming back home after literally sleeping in a new bed each night was so wonderful!

For now, since K is down with a cold and little bit of fever post this hectic trip and the weather in Hyderabad has pleasantly cooled off to welcome the not so heavy rains, i decided to make a simple vegetable soup / broth with noodles. i never quite liked chicken soup even when i was a meat eater, preferring to have the vegetable version of it always. now that i am vegetarian, i am a little  amazed at the flavours the soup takes on. I’d like to feed this soup to all those people who think vegetables and particularly soup made from them will only be tasteless.

Noodle Soup

Noodle Soup

This is a real easy and simple soup and can be made with any veggies you may have at hand. Plus its kind of like and open and shut case. Just toss everything you need into a pot (I used a pressure cooker), let it all cook and simmer for 15-20 minutes while you go and refresh yourself after a hard day’s labour and dinner is ready!

Noodle Soup (Ingredients make for 2 Large servings)

1/2 cup diced onion

1 cup ripe tomatoes, diced

1 cup vegetables of choice (i used florets of cauliflower and diced carrots)

21/2 cups water

salt to taste

1/2 tsp butter or olive oil

1/2 tsp finely chopped ginger and garlic

5-6 black peppercorns, crushed

6-7 fresh mint leaves, chopped

1 cup cooked noodles, i used the flat instant variety

method: heat the pressure pan and add the butter / olive oil. add the onions and other veggies and saute till the onions are just changing colour. add the ginger and garlic and saute another few seconds. add the tomatoes, water, crushed pepper and salt to taste. cover and cook till the vegetables are just cooked. i cooked it under pressure for one whistle.

open the cooker and check for seasoning. add the cooked noodles, add the chopped mint leaves and simmer about 2-3 minutes. Serve hot.

If you want more liquid and less noodles, adjust accordingly.

Leaving…. on a jet plane

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K and i are taking off on a trip… we’ve needed this break but K sprung it on me as a surprise…. the valley of flowers and Dehradun is on the itinerary …. i dont know what else….i will turn a year older before i am back…will see you soon!!

MIA – that’s me

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Am on a well deserved week long break with K’s parents at Ahmedabad…days are slothfully spent…..the most strenuous thing i need to do is maybe having a shower :D …. will be back home on sunday…. reality will bite…and not let go after that…


See you soon!!

Aamlette Roti – Street Style Egg and Roti Recipe

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this is a picture of the Aamlette roti from the cart, taken from a camera phone!!

K and I are always rushing to catch planes, trains or buses!! That’s not because we’re badly planned travelers, but because we don’t plan most of the times…..we usually take off whenever work and bank balances allow us to….and sometimes even when bank balances scream that we shouldn’t!! it gets to us….the routine….and I think somewhere we’re both wanderers trapped inside these bodies of ours…

We like to see what the place has to offer and where the trip will take us….we’ve been known infamously to extend trips indefinitely and instinctively when we are enjoying it and change course as soon as we feel the trip isnt going as we’d like it to…..

Part of our travelling means that we always try to sample whatever food is available….we don’t scout around looking for familiar food…I know many people who will not rest until they find a south indian place serving dosa in ladakh or searching for paneer butter masala in the deep south of india and lament “they don’t know how to make it” …. I will keep this for later though!!

We’ll happily eat at roadside eateries and let me tell you they serve the most wonderfully authentic local food…we’ll also eat at expensive and famously exclusive restaurants and hotels… the cost of reverse snobbery, let me admit that some of our best travel food experiences have been at the most humble of places…..while I like to be careful about the how and where the food is cooked and served, I sometimes send out a silent prayer about the state of the nails of the person serving / cooking the food when I just cant help it!!

A few weeks ago, we made one such impromptu trip to Bangalore by a particularly uncomfortable “sleeper Coach” bus. These are regular transport buses that are fixed with sleeping berths that are custom built for claustrophobia and very little sleep……if you thought lying down flat on your back is better than sitting in an uncomfortable “fully push back luxury” seat, then I recon you have never travelled for 12 hrs in the last berth of the bus, where every pebble you go over feels like a crater about 2 meters deep….anyway I digress again….

We rushed to buy tickets and grabbed the only available ones….we came back home and just had enough time to fling a few sets of clothes together in a bag and lock the house to reach the boarding point. To our luck, the bus enroute to where we were, got stuck in traffic and we had about half an hour to wait…..we were ravenous to put it mildly…..looking around the place were were standing which is almost on the outermost fringe of the city, we realized there was little to chose from, hot oversweetened tea and abject hunger or hot off the pan omlette with rotis  made on a cart nearby that were emanating some tantalising aromas. I fell for the latter and didn’t regret it one bit. I have to say the aamlette(as it was pronounced) and roti was wonderful. It was piping hot, crisp and soft parts, yummy with chilli powder and fresh coriander mingling with chopped onion and green chillies and very filling. It even made the back breaking journey a little more bearable!!

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Happy Birthday Amma

Woman of strength, woman of substance, woman of impeccable character and integrity, professor, teacher, mother, wife, sister and friend, superwoman, recycle rani, untiring appetite for story telling, boundless energy and i havent even touched half the number of years you have spent on this earth….. always ready to help anyone with a sob story, even sometimes when you are being taken for a ride…. i still am amazed with all that you want to give of yourself to others, i am amazed at the way you smile in the face of adversity…..humbled by the way you dont make a fuss but gently embrace all that life throws at you….i love and admire you so much, that i cant think of anyone else i would rather salute….. when people say i look like you, i always silently wonder if i can even be half the woman you are…..Happy Birthday…. i wish you the longest, happiest and healthiest years ahead….Happy Birthday Amma


P.S: Amma has never been to Goa, we decided to ring in her 70th birthday in goa….better late than never….!! the whole lot of us, my brother’s family, k, I and the birthday girl are currently soaking it all up!!


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