To new beginnings…..

I have spent a lot of time pondering over a few questions that I hope to find answers to over this period called a lifetime…..its a great companion, these thoughts, for they can be indulged in anytime….they also hold the potential of launching you into the highest highs or plunging you into the depths like you’ve never known existed …. We hope we’re making a halfway decent attempt at living life ……of being worthy of all that we receive…….of making smart choices of the opportunities that present themselves to us…..and always an expectation that all will fall into place once we have achieved the next milestone….….we always expect that happiness will bear a tamper proof and guaranteed sign at the next milestone….

I can’t but help wondering sometimes, at what would happen if Life throws a gauntlet that plunges you so many notches down that you cannot even see the place you’d occupied before?? Will it be bitterness and rage at the unfairness of it all?? What will it take to accept this??……..I’ve always found through personal pursuit, that its so easy to be mortal……. To hate…to curse and bemoan your state….but every once in a not so frequent while, this thing called life hasn’t ceased to amaze me….to show me things that teach me lessons no spiritual guru can and then humble me once more…….people who toil away giving their all to a so called unspectacular existence and what’s more? They do with so much grace and dignity, that life has no choice but to crown them victorious… is these things that inspires awe not reserved just for a celebrated achiever…… because, to hope for a better future is one thing, to work towards it still better, to bravely pick up the threads of a shattered life and walk on….with the head held high, with dignity, grace and still love it all is truly a display of character…….to be the man that he always has been no matter what…..i have been blessed enough to have met one such man….who suddenly raises the bar so high, that you are almost scared to compete…. to have been touched in a way i cannot forget …..i am so thankful

I begin this blog with a dedication to this wonderful man who taught me such a precious lesson in life……

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  1. Pritya says:

    Arundati, Hi…thats a lot of thoughts you are capturing on your blog :). Of course, life is like this…full of twists and turns regarding where we are and where we want to head. Always in the existential dilemna! To be able to stay with a thought and see where it takes us…instead of impulsively deciding on whether one is situated in a high or a low – thats what I call sustenance and courage. Have you read U.R. Ananthamurthy? I think you will like his style of writing very much, his novels Samskara, and also Bhava are writings you will enjoy reflecting upon.
    Pratibha Jain

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