Baking escapades continue chocolate class update and turning a year older!!

chocolate pouches

jam tarts

With all the things happening around me and threatening to engulf me, the one thing I really missed was my blogging….not just posting….i haven’t cooked up anything worth a post, but taking a peek into all the kitchens that I usually do……I turned a year older on the 9th and this time decided that I wouldn’t fall apart freaking out….if I don’t feel it, I don’t look it right?? With the internet playing such a major part in everyone’s life, I spent a good part of 3 hours cumulatively on the phone and responding to messages….its great to feel so loved….we’d planned on a quiet do ….cos hadn’t I mentioned that K is kitchen challenged and the last thing I wanted to do on my birthday was to cook and clean up after people ….. so a quiet dinner with friends it was….K gave me some snazzy gifts that left me smiling like a Cheshire cat….so all that hint dropping worked in the end!!

The update on the chocolate making classes is that there’s been terrific response…. I have two per week as I’d planned and they’re going well…… am quite happy that I have worked out a schedule and am able to put the house back in shape within the hour of the class getting done with….its fun to watch people take tentative steps towards chocolate and its very satisfying to see them leave so happy…one participant even got her four year old to call me and thank me for teaching his mom to make chocolate at home…his favourite he said was white chocolate!!

Yesterday I made a huge batch of chocolate which I will donate to the church. On my birthday, the priest came home to pray for the family and wish me…this apparently he is doing voluntarily and visits at least one member of the congregation a day…on special days…I was so touched that I offered to make chocolate hampers which he could give them…. I said he should call me once he runs out of them so I can replenish the stock….he was thrilled at the idea… my first batch is made, packed and ready to be sent to the Church…..mother of course thinks I will get the best seat in heaven for this gesture, I am not convinced that the one above can be bribed with a little home made chocolate!!

On K’s request I made another batch of Jam tarts. This time with proper tart moulds….i went shopping to stock up on chocolate making supplies and ran amuck in the store….i picked up baking dishes and an icing bag with a few nozzles to experiment …so beware…I shall be subjecting you to all my experiments!! (atleast visually!!) all in all I’ve had such a busy time that I have not realized that its almost the weekend already!! Which in a way is really good…cant remember a time I was this busy even when I worked at a corporate job fulltime!!

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  1. prerana jatia says:

    i want to know about your colocate classes pls mail back.

    1. arundati says:

      Hi Prerana, thank you for writing in, sending you a link to the schedule of classes, all available classes are listed on the page. Do keep checking periodically or subscribe to the page for the updates.

  2. Priyanka says:

    I am interested to learn to make these variety of exotic chocolates.How can i get in touch.I am in Mumbai only for a week.urgent requirement.Please reply soon.
    Thank You,

  3. tejesh says:

    hi i would like to join your classes if they are held in mumbai

    classes are at hyderabad and bangalore only…..thanks for your interest!!

  4. Amrita says:

    Hi! I would be interested in taking up the course, would request you to email me the details and how do i get in touch with you

  5. Nandini says:

    im really interested in takin a course…how do i get more details? how do i contact u?

  6. krishna says:

    Hi, Happy to hear that you are donating chocolates to the church. I am very much interested in making chocolates at home, Pls give me the details of the classes at hyderabad. Thanks in advance, krishna

    hi krishna and thanks for your interest. i have sent you the details through email. pls check and revert for anything further…..

  7. betu says:

    where r u taking these classes anyways???????? there is no mention of that…. i am a diehard chocoholic myself & have experimented wid choco makin g a lot but am dying to learn a more advanced course from u ,so please help me wid that……….!

    i am based out of hyd. i will send you an email with the details.

  8. Anu says:


    A happy belated Birthday!
    You have been tagged by me for a MEME, pls check my blog for more details.

    Dear Anu….btw that my pet name!! thanks for the wishes and the tag!!

  9. Srivalli says:

    Happy bday …and very nice venture…loved looking at your pictures…


    thanks Srivalli for your wishes

  10. Suganya says:

    Oh, BTW, I still think online classes are a good idea. You can formulate some recipes that will not get ‘lost in translation’ :). I hope you come up with something like that.

  11. Suganya says:

    Belated birthday wishes. Baking chocolates for church donation is a ‘sweet’ gesture.
    thanks suganya ….:)

  12. bhags says:

    Happy Bday girl and have a great year ahead. Congrats on your new venture, and we all know good deeds always payup in one way or the other…so keep smiling

    thank you so much 🙂

  13. Nupur says:

    Happy birthday! What city do you conduct your classes in, Arundhati? And do you have a mail ID where people can contact you for details? Would love to let my family and friends know about this venture of yours.
    Ooh, if you are hesitant about disclosing your location online, I totally understand!

    thank you Nupur…have mailed you the details….yeah i am totally paranoid of where the online information lands up…..:)

  14. bee says:

    belated birthday greetings to you. have a great year ahead.

    thank you bee and jai…i hope the year is full of chocolate coated everything!!

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