Recipe for Baby Potato with Nigella ~ Kalonji Aloo Recipe

baby aloos with kalonji

A couple of days ago I cooked up a meal for a friend who came over……we’ve been catching up after ages….. I had a simple meal for lunch, rice, roti, tomato dal, bhendi stir fry, dahi and kalonji aloo. The last one is a favourite with K and at one point of time; he wanted to eat this at every meal!! I haven’t met too many people who are passive to aloo…….and there was a time when I wondered what all the fuss over the aloos used to be about…….. Infact, I not so secretly used to refer to dum aloo as DIM aloo!! Then I discovered baby aloos and they made cooking with them a little more interesting……….i mean if not anything, the dish looked very cute!! Now baby aloos are a must buy on my veggie list and I have made them in many ways……..they never disappoint……aloos allow you to brighten up or dress up any meal in a jiffy…I have grown to respect them and look forward to them on my table…….. I discovered kalonji aloos too quite by chance…in the days when I’d just started cooking and couldn’t really tell one spice from the other, added kalonji to a tomato chutney I was making and discovered the sharp taste that tickled everyone’s taste buds…..Kalonji now has pride of place in my spice carousal……this dish is a surefire hit, will add glamour to your meal and can be made in less than 15 minutes if you have a pressure cooker. Unfortunately my camera batteries have died on me, and I couldn’t take a picture, I’ve one from the phone though which I will upload once I figure out how I can get it on to my computer. Here is the recipe for kalonji aloos

You will need:

12-14 baby aloos, boiled and peeled (3 large ones boiled and quartered will do too)

A pinch of turmeric

Salt to taste

2 tsp oil (more if the pan isn’t non stick)

½ stp chilli powder

A sprig of curry leaves

1 stp kalonji (onion seeds)


Heat the oil in a non stick pan and add the kalonji when just hot. When the seeds splutter, add the boiled peeled aloos and cover a few seconds. Turn the heat onto medium-high and fry the aloos till they are golden brown on all sides. Add the salt, turmeric, chilli powders and fry till the masalas are cooked. Add the curry leaves, toss the aloos around a bit. Serve. Goes well as a side dish or as a snack too.

The masalas are added after the aloos turn golden, you can add it in the beginning too.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. sb2711 says:

    I am a Bengali. Kalonji is everywhere in our cuisine. Try making puris with kalonji in the dough. You are welcome 😀

    1. arundati says:

      Oh Kalonji is one of my fave spices… subtle and yet flavourful. I have tried it in breads and roti, never puris, must try

      1. sb2711 says:

        🙂 will keep posted!

  2. sia says:

    recently i have started using kalonji and the first dish i tried was kalonji aloo instead of very common jeera aloo. so i agree to everything u said 🙂 will look forward to the pic of little beauties

    yeah the taste surprises you in a nice way!! i am hooked…try it in tomato chutney too!!

  3. Suganya says:

    I have never used kalonji so far. Expecting the photo soon 🙂

    it looks like black sesame seeds……will try and post the pic soon

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