Cooking for One ~ Recipe for Simple Noodle Soup

Creamy mushroom soup with noodles

With K declaring he had a dinner meeting which meant he wouldn’t be gracing the dinner table with me in tow, I was wondering what to rustle up for a quick meal……….every once in a long while, this happens. And am sure I am not alone in what I feel………sometimes cooking for one is more difficult than eating alone!! As I rode up in the lift I tried to think of what leftovers I could make do with, came up with nothing…the fridge, for the first time this month has nestled no leftovers!! The rain since afternoon, now down to a drizzle gave me an idea…….i smiled and as soon as I unlocked the door, kicked off sandals and put away handbag I walked into the kitchen. I decided to play the “how soon can you serve yourself a decent dinner” game…the fact that I was famished helped a great deal. My fix was simple, yet filling and I must add delicious (even if I not so graciously am saying it myself!!). I cooked some Hakka noodles into my creamy mushroom soup instant mix from Knorr soups. I’m not a fan of preserved food. i haven’t eaten too many ready to eat meals either. even stuff like soup and pasta, i like to make from the basic ingredients. but i do stock a few packets of soups for emergencies and hunger striking in the middle of one of our favorite weekend indulgences of watching movies till the morning!! also with K being severely kitchen challenged, i need a back up if i fall ill. but more often than not, i hurriedly use up this stuff when i realise i have been hoarding in vain and the expiry date is approaching rapidly. In less than 12 minutes I sat down to some TV and a dinner that left me very satisfied. Of the 12 minutes, 2 minutes were spent clicking photographs!! never mind the monochromatic colour of the soup, i thought i’d add a dash of colour with the i used a kitchen cloth my mom gave me even if hearts aren’t really my favorite motif!!In fact this quick dinner allowed me the time to not only post this one but I actually overcame my techno phobia and figured out how to upload the pictures I had taken of the baby aloos with kalonji from my phone too!!

Creamy mushroom soup with noodles

What I used:

3 tablespoons Knorr Creamy Mushroom Soup powder (mixed in a cup of water)

Hakka noodles (serving enough for one person)

2 cups water

A pinch of freshly ground black pepper

One button mushroom chopped

A sprig of fresh dhania leaves (or mint if you like)

What I did:

Set the water to boil. When it is bubbling, add the noodles and cook till almost done. Add the chopped mushroom (optional, can be substituted with any veggies of choice, depending on how much time you have). Add the soup powder mixed in a cup of water and stir till well blended. Cook for another 2 minutes. Check for salt. Add the pepper and dhania leaves and take of the stove. Serve!!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Coffee says:

    I am alone for lunch at home today….. and I am gonna make this for lunch!!

    Dear coffee, do let me know how you liked it….

  2. Tee says:

    This looks good! I must remember this the next time I am dining alone…usually I just open a packet of Maggi, this looks like a better option 🙂

    thanks Tee…thing is, i’ve eaten more maggi in the last 2 yrs than in all my life. i now cant get myself to eat it any more. so this is my replacement to the tastemaker!!

  3. Hema says:

    Funny. I made noodle soup 2 days back. The tomato soup was left over from dinner last week and top ramen noodles did the trick for me:)

    Dinner for 1? I cant cook for 2! always make enough for atleast 4 people.

    wow!! i should just come live closer to you!! 🙂

  4. Asha says:

    Arvind didn’t come for dinner yesterday and is not coming for dinner today.So loads of noodles for us too!YAY!:))
    Looks delicious there, enjoy:)

    through all the slurping i was battling with whether i should save some just to let K know what he had missed 😉 !!

  5. Suganya says:

    I love using ready made soup mixes and turn ’em into home-made ones. Knorr’s vegetable soup is also a good base.

    yes…. i too succumb to the “not acceptable in its original form” and have to add something to alter the ready made stuff. to this one i added a fresh mushroom for more flavour

  6. Poonam says:

    I agree that cooking for one person is tougher than eating alone! Nice one.

    🙂 thank you

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