Always running late……with badam kulfi, lychee shrikhand and beet n banana cutlets

The past week has been a riot….between all the things that have been going on, I haven’t indulged in my favourite pastime blog hopping….nor have I had the time to post anything…..also feel horribly lousy when I miss all the foodie event…its like preparing for a test…you know the deadline and procrastinate and by the time you get your act together yoo hoo!! Date’s over!!

badam elaichi kulfi

I was thrilled when I saw the microwave quick cooking event hosted by Srivalli ….about 12 years ago when i was still in college, my aunt got one for my mother after her trip abroad…..i remember the customs officers in hyderabad didnt know how much to charge us because they hadn’t seen too many of them….the MW took pride of place in the kitchen…all covered up with choicest linen…. yours truly tested the waters…literally the first thing I made in it was a cup of hot water and subsequently instant coffee, served it to amma and watched her closely as she sipped it….asking “how is it?? Is it nice?? Is it different?” I was like the specialist penalty shooter after that….only I was called upon to operate her Majesty……I graduated from heating stuff to making mostly non Indian food in the MW – Mac and Cheese, Veg au gratin, pizzas etc. it has been my most beloved of all appliances and I use it extensively. Not just to boil and steam and reheat, but to cook a complete meals and even do the tadka sometimes…..especially when the cooking gas runs out and when I had a two burner stove……its such a blessing and cuts cooking time unbelievably…..the adage “slaving over the stove” has taken on a new meaning now I guess…..Inspired by Lata’s theratti paal made in the microwave and Tee’s post on malai kulfi plus not to mention the many litres of milk lying frozen in the fridge, it came as manna to me……I sort of married both of them and made some badam elaichi kulfi……..this is my entry to the Microwave Easy Cooking event, the brainchild of the creative Srivalli. I’m also sending it off to Sugar High Friday # 34, the oldest virtual food event, the brainchild of the innovative Jennifer of Domestic goddess and this month hosted by the passionate cook. The theme is local and regional specialties.

Lychee Shrikhand

I’ve also been eyeing the AFAM events that happen….i made an unusual (for me) Shrikhand that turned out super and i’m so thrilled to be able to send it to this event hosted by Sig this month, which is the brainchild of Maheshwari

Suganya not only suggested I post the other cutlet recipes I mentioned in the post on hara bhara kebabs (which I finished
off in the “replyto comment” itself), she graciously gave awarded me with the Thoughtful Blogger Award……thank you Suganya….here is finally the beetroot cutlet recipe ….

beet’n banana cutlets

its been raining blogger awards and I shall add my own two bits…… so on goes the thoughtful blogger award to these people here…..


Mathy, Indira and Jenn– for making such a difference to the food blogging world with your food blog resources

To Sig, Mishmash, Kanchana, Nupur and Shammi….. ladies you rock!!

leave you now with the recipes…have a lovely weekend…..

Badam Elaichi Kulfi

1.5 Ltr milk (I used toned milk)

2/3 Cup sugar

2 Tablespoons powdered almonds

2 Tablespoons corn flour (corn starch)

2 green cardamoms powdered

In a few teaspoons of milk, mix the cornstarch and the almond powder and add to the milk. Add the sugar and mix. Put it in a MW safe bowl and heat for 15-20 minutes on high stirring in between. When the milk thickens and becomes half of the original quantity, remove from the MW. Add the cardamom powder and stir well. Let it rest for about 10 minutes before transferring to a plastic container. Freeze till almost set. Beat well with a hand blender / whisk and freeze again. After whisking, it can be put into kulfi moulds before being frozen. I transferred it into plastic pudding bowls. Unmould to serve when firm.

Lychee Shrikhand

2 cups hung curd / yoghurt (put about a litre of yoghurt in a cloth and tie it up to drain off the excess water. leave it for atleast 5 hrs to get firm hung curd)

4 tablespoons sugar

a pinch of nutmeg

6 lychees finely Chopped

blend the yoghurt with the sugar and nutmeg till smooth. add the chopped lychees and stir. chill and serve.

Beet and raw banana cutlets

3 medium beetroots (boiled and mashed)

2 raw bananas (boiled and mashed)

2 tablespoons finely chopped mint and coriander leaves

½ tsp red chilli powder, ¼ tsp garam masala, salt to taste. 1 tsp lemon juice

3 tablespoon fresh or dried bread crumbs

Mix all the ingredients together to form a firm mixture. Check for seasonings and adjust. Shape into cutlets and fry till brown on hot tava / griddle in about a tablespoon of oil. Serve hot with sauce or chutney.

9 Comments Add yours

  1. SONA says:

    hi there, saw ur post on kulfi from the MW Cooking Event. Thought its really worth to leave a complimentary scrap. It’s pretty neat, fast, and of the least hazzle..thanks for sharing. Will definitely try it out one day

    Dear Sona, Welcome to Escapades and thanks for the wonderful compliment……do let me know how it turned out!!

  2. Nupur says:

    Your kulfi is too delicious! Everything on this page looks very yummy actually.

    Dear Nupur, Thanks 🙂 praise from you is such a spirit upper!!

  3. coffee says:

    Fabulous creating there!! Lychee shrikhand is making my run to the kitchen and open that tin of lychee now! 🙂

    Cofee!! do let me know how you liked it…i thought since lychee icecream was one of my faourites, it would go well with dahi too (since yoghurt is the new ice cream!!) it didnt dissappoint…

  4. Rajitha says:

    those cutlets look really good.. and srikhand with lychee.. nice!

    Hi Rajitha, welcome to Escapades and thanks for taking the time to leave a message….:)

  5. Nice recipe! first time here. din’t know your name as you left no comment in my blog!
    MW cooking makes cooking really simple and saves time too!
    regards latha.

    Dear Latha, thanks for stopping by….. oooo i left a comment on the theratti paal post…wonder where it disappeared!! 😦

  6. bee says:

    banana and beets – now that is creative. wonderful creations – all of them.

    Compliments from you make me spin!! i just went thru your archives and bookmarked a few … want to try the stuffed chilly first…tomorrow am going to buy bajji mirchies…. happy weekend!!

  7. srivalli says:

    wow…that loooks so good…thanks for the lovely entry…


    Srivalli, whew!! i almost didnt make it!! 🙂

  8. Asha says:

    How creative.Looks great. love the cutlets too!:)

    thank you:)

  9. Sig says:

    Wow Lychee Shrikand, what a great idea, I can just imagine the taste! And the badam kulfi looks great, very professional looking :). Thanks for the entry, and the award… And congrats to you! 🙂

    had it not been for the AFAM event i’d have never thought of lychee shrikhand……now its a keeper 🙂 ….. abt the award, you totally deserve it….. cheers!!

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