salad days – baby corn- apple salad

apple and tomato saladLots has happened since my last post….the best part is that amma came back with me from Bangalore…I guess she couldn’t bear the cribbing I was doing and the superlative guilt tripping that she didn’t want to spend time with me post the appearance of her grand daughter (my brother and SIL’s baby girl)….its been a week now and she’s bringing to my life the sunny disposition that is such a threatened part of my life right now…..she for one hasn’t changed one bit….why is it that mother’s are compelled to bulldoze their daughter’s out of the kitchen?? Her most favourite phrase to me? “just go and sit down, I’ll finish here and clear up…go and relax” yeah right!! Relaxing seems to be most of what I am doing anyways!!

Through mutual agreement we’ve decided that I do breakfast and dinner and she’ll do lunch…at least that’s how its been mostly… good thing about eating with amma is that there’s salad at lunch and dinner….something that i skip feigning laziness or tiredness whichever suits me…and something she always insisted on… diabetes, in her own words she’s been “eating salad like a goat”……sometimes it is a little fancy with a simple dressing, at other times it is just some chopped / sliced raw veggies with a twist of lemon juice….. this is a very simple salad I made for dinner a few nights ago….am not very proud of the pictures taken from the phone, but something to show atleast….the picture obviously doesn’t do justice to the lovely crunchy texture of the apple and the flavours of the veggies with pepper and olive oil…. We had this with rotis and a simple cabbage sabzi.

apple and tomato salad

½ apple

1 firm ripe tomato

A Twist of lemon juice

A little freshly ground pepper

½ tsp olive oil

A sprig of fresh celery / coriander or mint leaves

Wash and Chop all the fresh veggies into small cubes. Sprinkle with the lemon juice, olive oil and pepper. Mix well. Top with chopped celery / coriander or mint leaves and serve chilled.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. bee says:

    arundati, do you have any leftover chocolate? tonight we’re going to post something that your amma is going to love. it’s easier than brownies, i promise.

    bee… i have any leftover chocolate?? i stock atleast 10 kgs of all sorts of cooking chocolate and other chocolate paraphernalia because i run a homemade chocolate making class….the pudding is something i am surely gonna try…looks so simple….almost like mousse….minus all the whipping tho!

  2. Rajitha says:

    nice recipe…should try this out

  3. lakshmi says:

    im just in the mood for something like this 🙂

    Lakshmi, when i am guilty of going over board, i make a meal out of this for one whole day……

  4. bee says:

    a dash of tequila can glam any salad up. 😀

    your phone takes decent pics.

    bee….i agree….about the tequila bit….:D

  5. Raaga says:

    You know what… we started taking a salad to work for a snack… now we have a salad instead of lunch 🙂 love this idea 🙂

    Raaga, i was just telling lakshmi that salads like these are what i use as a cleanser when i’ve pigged out!! 🙂

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