My little chocolate making class on TV!!

culinary escapades….handmade chocolates

Culinary Escapades is my little chocolate making class….. i had blogged about it a few months ago when I decided to relaunch it in July this year….every week i teach people to make hand made, hand moulded chocolates of different kinds, shapes, flavours and fillings…..its an extension of my corporate training repertoire and brings my love for all things food, a little closer to my life…..its been great so far, I get calls for enquiry and people register and learn how to make the chocolates, the joy and happiness when they unmould and pack the chocolate they make is so great, more satisfying than any end of training feedback!!

A few days ago, a reporter from the local Telugu channel TV9 called me and asked for the details and asked if they could cover it…I dismissed it as a prank call….imagine my surprise when they called again on Saturday morning….15 minutes before my class was scheduled to begin, to ask for directions to my place!! To cut a long story short, the team arrived to film us at work as part of a small capsule for their entertainment and local events roundup, I had informed the participants of this, I need not have been skeptical of their response, because they were thrilled and put up quite a show…..

Instead of doing the 2 minute capsule as planned, they decided to film the entire class and later did an interview with me. They also asked me to demonstrate two varieties of chocolates for the viewers…… I had to control my grin cos for me it was actually reliving my childhood playing “kitchen kitchen” where I would speak in hindi acting like I was demonstrating a cookery program a la sanjeev kapoor…..they have told me that they’d call and inform us before the telecast…..

More on this is here……

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  1. tulasi says:


    iam from hyderabad and luv to make choclates.let me know ur teaching class in hyderabad.

  2. kaveri says:

    Hi Arundati,

    I am interested in attending your chocolate making class.Pls mail me the schedule of your next class in Hyderabad.


  3. Reddy says:

    Hi Arundati,

    i would like to join the classes, iam from hyderabad. please let me know the class details


  4. supriya says:

    plz infrom me when the next class

  5. Sowmya says:

    Hi Arundathi,

    I would like to join your classes Can u send me your details

  6. please can you teach me how to make chocolate on-line ?
    mike, nigeria

    hi mike, it will be pretty difficult to “teach” you online…. let me see what i can do… check your email

  7. Raaga says:

    what about online classes?

    hi namesake…..sorry babe….no online classes for now…..

  8. raghunandan says:

    I saw the program and i liked very much and would like to take up the chocolate making as business please advise me I am at hyderabad if can give me you address I can come and meet you

    hi raghu, thanks for your interest… i have sent you an email, please do check….:)

  9. Shella says:

    Can I have some of those please??

    hey Shella…of course you can….do help yourself… 🙂

  10. Pallavi says:

    Arundathi, Did not receive mail with details of chocholate making training class 😦 . May be the email Id was wrong. Could you send it once again.

    hi pallavi, i have sent you another mail to the same id…pls check if you have received it…i think yahoo has been having a problem since they’ve changed their style etc….cos i am unable to use my yahoo account for the past few days…. is there any other mail id where i can reach you?? or if you get the TOI, check out the hyd times in must see must do, page 2, culinary escapades is listed with a phone number where i can be reached….. i am paranoid abt putting this info on the internet and i hope you understand…i will be having a 3 hr class this saturday at secunderabad if you are interested….:)

  11. Pallavi says:

    Congrats, I live in hyderabad and wanted to attend chocholate making class. What are the timings and how to approach you for details.

    hi pallavi, thanks for your interest…you are welcome to come for the classes. i have mailed you all the details. 🙂

  12. Srivalli says:

    Congrats!…let us know when..we will watch it

    thanks Srivalli….will surely do so…….:)

  13. Suganya says:

    Yay!! Finally some of us get to see yr class. BTW, the link is not working. http typed twice…

    🙂 …… thanks for telling me about the link Suganya….

  14. bee says:


    thanks bee 🙂

  15. Rajitha says:

    congrats!! good for you..those chocolates look yummy tho…i will touch base with u in hyd when i come to learn how to make these

    sure rajitha….anytime… 🙂

  16. bhags says:

    the tv crew must have been welcome uninvited guests…:)
    Congrats and hoping much more of such good news from you

    thanks bhags….:)

  17. sra says:

    Arundhati, when will it be telecast? Please post the timing(s), I’ll try and catch it!

    they’ve promised to inform me about it in advance, will surely let you know….:)

  18. Nags says:

    awesome!! congrats!!!

    hey thanks naagu!!

  19. Raaga says:

    Let us know and we shall watch 🙂

    Can I learn too? From here?

    yeah sure!!

  20. lakshmi says:

    wowie, i can imagine the entire class must have been thrilled to bits 😀

    ps: you may need to fix the link to blogspot

    contrary to what i thought….they were so happy!! sure will once it is telecast….

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