Jhat phat fatafat – Paneer Makhni


A cousin of my mother’s and her daughter paid us a visit a few days ago….they were meeting after 37 years …so this is the first time I met this cousin of mine….she’s a doctor of the medical kind and we got along like a house on fire!!……..I am always thinking of ways in which to bring variety to our table especially when we have hard core carnivorous guests at home….. I like to serve them food which invariably leads them to remark quite surprisingly that they aren’t missing non vegetarian preparations (in my family and its huge extension….it is still a horror story that I have given up a certain food group…so I quite enjoy this secret game of mine)….. So for lunch I turned to Tarla dalal’s Quick Cooking…..it was bought on a fancy for the title…and though it has a pretty good mix of indian and western dishes from soups and salads to main course and desserts….I have made just one preparation from this book thus far….. I chose Makhni gravy, doubled all the ingredients and froze half of it……I didn’t realize that I would actually use it so soon after I had made it to whip up dinner in a jiffy…… this evening, K returned from work famished as he’d skipped lunch (again!!) so I made him some trikoni parathas (his request) and he had it with the sabzi from lunch….not realizing that it constituted the sum total of dinner for us….

So out came the makhni gravy and some paneer that was also sitting pretty in the freezer…while the gravy went into a pan with ½ cup of water and was simmering, I nuked the paneer in the microwave for a minute on high, cut out a portion of it, made bite sized chunks to go into the gravy, returned the rest to its container and the freezer…..i was ready for dinner before amma could ask “so what shall we have with the parathas??” paneer makhni, salad and trikoni parathe for dinner….

Conclusion…..having the gravy on hand was such a convenience, plus the fact that it tasted great means that I am gonna make this (and freeze it) regularly now….

The recipe for the makhni gravy from tarla dalal’s website. To this already simmering gravy, I simply added paneer and turned off the heat. I dislike the leathery texture of overcooked paneeer…so I turned off the heat after adding the paneer to the gravy. The heat is enough to cook it till just soft and tender……….

List of ingredients is from here

method: Blend the onions, cashews, ginger, garlic to a smooth paste. Heat oil in a pan, add the ground paste and cook, stirring periodically till it is light brown in colour. Add the chilli powder and tomato puree and cook for a few minutes. Add the cumin powder, garam masala and half cup water and cook till the oil separates from the masala. Take off the heat. In another pan, heat the butter ( I used oil) add kasuri methi and remove from the flame. Add to this the cooked gravy, honey, milk, cream (I used beaten yogurt) and salr, bring to a boil. Cool and freeze.

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  1. bee says:

    i used to make tarla dalal’s version, until i came across monisha bharadwaj’s version. i blended the two, and that’s what we have (the matar paneer on jugalbandi) we do the same thing. if we’re gonna make a masala, why not double and freeze it? however, tarla dala’s recipes are for foetuses. we need to double the recipe even without wanting to freeze some. 90 % of her recipes turn out fabulous. i think we have six of her books. of those all have been used, except the rajasthan cookbook.

    am looking at my freezer with renewed respect now!! so am all ears about this cooking freezing bit…. should try your version….but will have to substitute mattar for something else for sure…else K will lunge for the kitchen sink!! i agree about her books being almost idiot proof….but i must say she sometimes comes up with the most unthinkable ingredients and combinations…..innovation i guess!!

  2. rinasrecipes says:

    Luv the makhani…

    hi rina…thanks…and with all the dahi instead of the cream…hips dont lie….love it too!!

  3. mansi says:

    Looks good! hope you can impress the doc!:)

    err…she asked for some to be packed for her…so i guess i have the doc’s approval on this 🙂

  4. Rohini says:

    Makhni looks awesome.

    Dear Rohini…thanks….for stopping by and the kind words….:)

  5. Asha says:

    37 yrs and met them for the first time!! Whoa!!:))

    Makhani looks great. Enjoy the food amd the company.

    thanks Asha…. it was great to catch up…..so amazing to hear their childhood and growing up years stories!!

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