Mandvi ~ Land of Beauty and an Indian Thirst Quencher ~ Chaas Recipe


blue skies, crystal clear glistening waters of the Arabian Sea at Mandvi, Gujarat


the coast at mandvi


typical saurashtran meal

Gujarat is the land mf myriad shades….the land of beauty… people and nature….of rich cultural heritage…of arts and crafts….of a community that is knit together….of festivals and colours…and fabulous food….K’s parents migrated to Ahmadabad in 2003, K himself spent 6 years of his childhood growing up in Kutch in a place called gandhidham…that’s where his parents now live….since then we make one trip a year to spend with them ….i can go completely berserk shopping at law garden, rani ka ajeera or lal darwaza at one of the hundreds of shacks/shops selling crafts, arts, clothes and jewelry ….. not be disappointed at 2 a.m if I want to eat cheese sandwiches, or chaat or have an ice gola….… I love the place before this my only connection with Gujarat was that my mother studied there….graduation her career there…she always speaks glowingly of the people and the culture and the way it shaped what she became….so much was her love for the food from Gujarat, that khichdi and kadhi, shaaks of different kinds, shrikhand, aamras, khaari seeng and chunda was what I grew up on…..sadly, I don’t make much of these except for khichdi and kadhi which is on my top five comfort foods list…..

I was obviously very happy to see RCI – Gujarat…. instead of any of the elaborate dish, I planned to post of this fabulously versatile, thirst quenching drink “chaas” which no gujarati meal is without…..infact in households and restaurants alike, your glass of chaas will be refilled if you so much as tilt it half way through…..a super summer cooler….it can be your best friend if you want something light yet nutritious to fill you up…..


these beads are a thoran (wall / door adornment), made of beads and bells, their colours and tinkling bells are a delight as they sway in the breeze….i picked these up on my last trip from an artisan’s co-operative unit

Chaas is made of yoghurt …it is a spiced buttermilk….to be had on its own or to wash down a full meal….chaas can be mildly or strongly spiced, seasoned or not….the avatars it can take on are many….all delightfully satisfying …..this is off to RCI – Gujarat, hosted by Mythili of Vindu this month, and the brain child of Lakshmi of Veggie Cuisine….

Makes four servings

2 cups yoghurt

3 cups water

½ t salt (or to taste)

1 green chilly (slit and deseeded)

1 t fresh grated ginger

¼ t jeera (cumin) powder

1 pinch asafetida

2 T fresh coriander leaves

Put all the ingredients except the coriander leaves into a blender and blend till the ginger and green chilly have blended into the buttermilk. Adjust salt. Chill till serving. Pour into glasses and garnish with fresh coriander leaves before serving.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. bee says:

    thanks for highlighting one of my favourite cuisines. it’s amazing what a gujarati can create with a few ingredients.

    they really “live” their “love” for food…and its tough not to get into the same spirit!!

  2. Mythili says:

    Super entry! I love those gorgeous photos of Mandvi 🙂

    thanks mythili… was a gorgeous place…even waist deep i could see my feet in the water!!

  3. Jayashree says:

    That thali looks so good….wish I could dig in. I love how you can always, always, always find chaas no matter where you go in Gujarat.
    Nice entry.

    hi jayashree…thanks for stopping by!! many times i tell my MIL that i will die if i eat any more and i simply have chaas for dinner …. 🙂

  4. Saswati says:

    hi arundhati!!i can hardle see any jalebi in that plate..was that plate yours:))the chaas looks like a real thirst quencher..except the fact that here in moscow its snowing hard but i still feel like drinking it.:)

  5. sra says:

    The photos are really good, Arundhati, esp the one of the meal. Love that shiny green chilli!

    Dear Sra, it was so awesome…i think i ate a quarter kilo of jalebis that afternoon….they were piping hot and crisp!!

  6. Raaga says:

    I don’t even have a connection of that sorts… but I keep going back to Gujarat… there’s something about that place that draws me like no other state… except Karnataka probably!

    Lovely chaach 🙂

    yes…it sure is a magnet!!

  7. vimmi says:

    My parents also spend some years in gujarat. I was very small then. So don’t remeber much. But the people were very nice.

    this is the only place on earth i think i will perish of excess availability and not the opposite!!

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