Baking Escapade # 14 – Going Savoury for a Change ~ Recipe for Vegetable Crescent ~ Calzone

veggie crescents

I was so inspired when I saw this post of sunita’s that I scampered off to the kitchen to try them out….on previous occasions, I have had the urge to eat something savoury…and stuffed with some surprises……. and I ended up with a hole in my mouth…read about it here……so all the while, telling myself to count to 500 before I pop anything into my mouth, I read and re-read the recipe….

What I loved about this recipe is that it is so versatile and can be adapted to whatever vegetables are available on hand…given my temperamental stocking of groceries and vegetables, that is a big plus!! Yeast is a beast that has me all knotted up….maybe because the little boxes of yeast that are available here are all dowdy and packed in a most depressing shade of brown, making you wonder if it was made in the prehistoric ages…..anyways, you should see me watch eagle eyed, almost willing the damn pellets to froth up and overflow already!! It’s tragic-comic at the least….anyways, this recipe of Sunitha’s called for yeast…so I braced myself…but then I am not someone who accepts defeat easily if at all…..

veggie crescents

The stuffing was made out of whatever I had on hand….which was loads of little bits of veggies….and minimal cheese….we’re trying to keep it healthy here….i used cheddar, but I think mozzarella will be awesome too…..we had them for dinner one night, and promptly the next day, made smaller ones and sliced diagonally to serve as starters / short eats….

Veggie Crescents (makes 12) i just followed sunita’s recipe

for the crust

3 C wholewheat flour
1 C warm milk
3 tsp instant dried yeast
1 tsp salt
3 tblsp yoghurt

For the stuffing

1 ½ – 2 cups finely chopped vegetables of choice)

I used ½ cup finely chopped cabbage, ¼ cup finely sliced mushrooms, ¼ cup finely chopped carrots and ½ cup chopped spinach

1 T chopped onion

A big pinch of garam masala

1 t finely chopped garlic

Salt to taste (actually lesser than usual, because the cheese will be salted and so will the dough)

½ t oil

In a pan, heat oil, fry the garlic and onions for a few seconds, add all the veggies, salt and garam masala and cook till almost done (remember this will be cooked again while baking). Take it off the heat and allow to cool

½ cup (or more) grated or shredded cheese of choice. I used britannia’s cheddar cheese.

Make 12 equal sized balls of the dough. Roll out each one, using semolina instead of dry flour into a disc about 5 inches in diameter and about 1/3rd of an inch thick. Spoon a tablespoon of the cooked stuffing and a little cheese on top (more if you would like) onto the middle of the disc. Fold to cover the edges

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  2. suma menon says:

    Hi Arundati,
    The link to sunita’s blog does not work. Did you bake these crescents?

  3. Sindhu says:

    Nice designs on the right corner 🙂

    thanks to wordpress for throwing them up!

  4. Sophie says:

    I’m Sophie, Key Ingredient’s Chief Blogger. We would like to feature this recipe on our blog. Please email if interested. Thanks 🙂


  5. nandita says:

    done it, had it! YUMMy 🙂
    Thanks for tempting me enough and pushing me to trying this

  6. Vaishali says:

    Lovely, Arundati. I love the idea of a yeast crust.

  7. sushma says:

    That luks yummy

  8. arundati says:

    with the recent upgrade, wordpress has removed the edit comment option i think….. so this is for all those who took the time to leave a comment

    thank you very much

    Resham: yes i used regular chapatti flour – ITC’s ashirwad is the one i used

  9. nandita says:

    Yeppo pannai?
    Very nice and I love the vegetable puffs that I used to eat from a bakery next to my aunt’s house in Mysore….a healthier option to the puff definitely

  10. Deeba says:

    YUM Arundati…good for you. I was eyeing these at Sunit’a a while ago too; never quite got there. They look perfect! I’m also very much part of the ‘HOLY’ gang…live & don’t learn types!!! Has the basil grown?

  11. Mansi says:

    that looks delicious Arundhati!

  12. resham says:

    hi there can you use regular chappti flour to make these?? What brand of flour did u use. Thanks

  13. Srivalli says:

    hahhaha..that reminds me again..i too do the same…looks lovely …

  14. sunita says:

    Arundati,I’m so glad that you enjoyed those crescents…and yes, the filling is very adaptable…enjoy 🙂

  15. Madhuram says:

    The crescents look delicious. Even I got a packet of yeast couple of weeks back, but not yet prepared to bake a bread or bun yet. I should take the first step sometime soon.

  16. Siri says:

    Did u say – holes in the mouth?.. I have them all the time Arundhati.. though I remind myself to be careful before popping anything hot into my mouth..hehhee..:D.. the veggie crescents look yummo! ‘Yeast’ is on my shopping list now~…:)


  17. Saswati says:

    hey arundhati..these crescents look awesome….i am sure you guys wud have enjoyed it:)

  18. Goodness, I could eat four of these right now! But they’re too pretty to eat! 🙂

  19. Ambica says:

    gorgeous… the list is growing long and i have to have to have to meet you before its expands any more 🙂 see you on tuesday?

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