Cure for an overdose – Instant Mango Pickle ~ Recipe for Maanga Kari

Is there such a thing as food overdose?? I don’t know….what I do know is that this isn’t the first time I have been accused of it….by whom? K of course….food is a big part of my life!! Little wonder then that I blog about it!! but it isn’t a recent phenomenon…its always been there…..just got an outlet now……through the blog I mean….and this isn’t the end all and be all of my life either….just a substantial chunk… hell with labels and compartments….i love food and all things associated with it…did you know I can shop in a grocery store / kirana shop/ vegetable market for hours? this is the only time I don’t complain about carrying heavy bags!! And I read recipe books in bed? Or that I am addicted to certain food programs…..oh yeah!! I think there is an overdose!!

A certain friend’s mother has been plying me with the most amazing homemade avakkai pickle for the last few years…..i don’t know who looks forward to it more…she or i!! i crave mango pickle…..above all the kinds of pickle there can be…this one is my favourite….avakkai…which self respecting andhrite will not love it? hot and spicy, with the tang of mustard powder…..and raw mango……with plain steamed rice (with or without ghee), with dal, curd rice….upma, dosa, biryani too!! my mouth is watering as I type this!! and I hit rock bottom the other day… will be sometime before I can get a fresh stock of it….just in time I saw this recipe. Raw mangoes have been in the market for a while now….and I picked up a few a couple of days ago…..

So I decided to make something for myself…..sulking as I was at k’s remark…he of course meant it in jest….but it was a great opportunity to capitalize some more attention!!

i followed the recipe from 365 days vegetarian….didnt make any changes and followed it to the T……

The process is so easy….it was my first ever attempt at pickle making….and hence the ease earns brownie points….i was done in less time than it took for me to sulk!!

The pictures speak for themselves….and I had to slap my hand away from ….after bottling, I mopped up the remains of the masala from the pan with a piece of bread……totally drool worthy!!


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  1. Mili says:

    i have always wanted to make mango pickle, but everytime I try, my hubby manages to convince me that its much easier to get the readymade ones. and cheaper too (acc to him). your blog has got my mouth watering. i havent gone through the recipe yet, but the photos are tantalizing. dint know Swapna blogs too. got to check hers out too. Hhhhmmmm,, inji puli she says….

    this pickle was my first….and pretty easy to make too!! you’ll probably have to wait till the raw mangoes come along to try this out though

  2. Mili says:

    i remember your handwriting from college days. Slanting, confident, lady-like strokes. If I remember correctly you always used ink pens. i’m getting kinda addicted to your blogs.

    thanks Mili… wow!! i cant believe you actually remember my writing in that much detail!!

  3. swapna says:

    And remember those stress buster dances ? the tech girls used to flock outside and stare sooo much the first year!!!!

    By te way, for my Inji Puli, u can add sugar instead of jaggery and instead of adding it last, add it after frying the ginger,,this gives a caramelised effect and a slightly candied taste to the ginger..Sometimes I make it that way too..

  4. swapna says:

    God…………that handwriting of your brought back a lot of memories……notes, mugging for exams….Arthi’s n ur end room…..Pallsk….!!!!

    gosh!! i also remember the ‘classes’ arthi took for FM in our tiny room!! not to forget the supposed all nighters that were all full of boost and milo making and drinking session than any studying!! and how can i forget mugging for french!! what days those were!!

  5. swapna says:

    Hi Da,

    I have not tried to make any pickles as yet…but I just posted an easy way to make Inji curry on my blog…that is the only picke-like dish I have ever made.

    gimme a recipe for inji puli if you have one….that’s something k loves…and i havent the first clue how to make it!!

  6. Deeba says:

    Me me me…me want some too! That looks scrumptious Arundhati & has transported me right back to my growing up days in Bangalore. Raw mangoes are all over the place here…gonna copy you soon! Ciao

  7. Raaga says:

    One more thing that we have in common sweetheart… and you’ll find out what that is very soon.

    i know now….and am so glad!! was quite taken aback initially…..err… check with your folks about the kumbh ka mela…..i will do likewise too!!

  8. 365DaysVeg says:

    I am so glad that the pickled turned out well and enjoyed it. 🙂

    –Priya (365 Days of Pure Vegetarian)

  9. Jj says:

    Gosh, I’ve always shyed away from pickle making myself, but you’ve given me courage to try, thanks! This looks wonderful.

    this falls into the ‘easy breezy’ category Jj…you’ll only have to remember to breathe normally…because the excitement is just too much!! 🙂

  10. thats a lovely hand writing. And yeah pickle is perfect. Amma makes this too and I have never tried my hands in this. Mopping it with a piece of bread. I don’t mind to lick it off clean 😉

    thanks nirmala….i totally know what you mean!!

  11. Saswati says:

    wow you make pickles too..gr8.Those look awesome..i am also of the same category ….reading recipe books:)

  12. Swati says:

    Thanks Arundhati for stopping by..
    I really am fascinated with this pickle..An all time favorite!!! Drool worthy in every sense!!

  13. rachel says:

    I can have pickles with anything….the more fierier, the more better!!

  14. Mpouthwatering pickle..Love this one..

  15. Cynthia says:

    Mangoes are in season here now and I am getting some nice green ones this weekend. I will definitely be making this pickle.

  16. Vaishali says:

    Lovely looking pickle, Arundati. I crave pickles too, and mango is certainly a favorite. Wish I could have some of that 🙂

  17. Happy Cook says:

    Hi hi don’t worry i am the same. I read always cookingbooks.
    Love the pickle.
    Reading the post, i was drooling.
    Superb pickle.

  18. nandita says:

    Forgot to say…lovely lady-like handwriting 😛

    thanks nan….the writing isnt as neat as it used to be!! blame it on the computer now!!

  19. nandita says:

    Pickle making and all huh!!! I am yet to make anything other than the instant variety – and i have 3 bottles of different pickles aging like fine wine in my kitchen shelf, a gift from my aunt-in-law 2 years ago…i cant have more than a pinch of it as they are all made fiery (andhra style)…so until they all get over, which may be another 2 years from now, i dont need no more pickle…when i do, i’ll try this one 🙂

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