Bazaar buys – entry for Click:au naturel

every week i trot off to this small shop in the neighbourhood called “Shantamma kirana and general stores” to buy vegetables….when we moved to our apartment three years ago, this was the only shop and lifeline….they stock groceries, vegetables, milk and dairy and other stuff needed to run a household….we’d buy everything from here…with the software dollars being pumped into this area we live in now….we’re spoilt for choice…..from exotic veggies flown from across the world, to groceries and flowers too…we have more than a couple of chic retail stores around….i still trot off to Shantamma’s every week….if you go early enough they will still be unloading it off the trolleys….not just is the produce absolutely fresh…its locally grown…..and they dont shove every thing into individual plastic bags before weighing…..most people bring their own bags….i use one of the bags from the huge Saree shops in Hyderabad, made of jute…..this pic was taken after one such trip…..weekly supplies of fruit and veggies, just the tomatoes nestled in a carry bag to ensure they don’t get squashed!!…. this is my entry for click:au naturel is the theme this month…. click the photo event is the brainchild of this fabulously innovative couple at jugalbandi

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  1. Sandeepa says:

    I loved these stores, reminds me of the one just besides our apt in B’lore

  2. nandita says:

    I remember seeing this some days ago 🙂 🙂

  3. neha says:

    nice click..
    reminds me of the days in b’lore, when i used to do buy fruits n veggies, from banshankri (i think i spelled rt.)

  4. sushma says:

    Nice one Arundati

  5. Karishma says:

    The freshness of the veggies has come thru beautifully…would love to know where exactly this shop is!

  6. shriya says:

    Thats one nice pic. Fresh varieties of vegetable. Really a very nice Entry.

  7. DK says:

    Seeing the bag reminded me of my own shopping spree before marriage for my home! That was a time I wud so so reluctantly..but now seeing that reminds me surprisingly of the fact that I actually am missing that action 🙂

  8. Vaishali says:

    Arundati, You are so lucky to be able to buy all this beautiful, fresh and local produce. Nice picture too.

  9. priyanka says:

    nice click and colourful too..

  10. Uma says:

    fresh veggies. nice click.

  11. Raaga says:

    lovely… the local guys here in DLF fleece us so much that we either go to the farmer’s market when its up… or we just go to the supermarket! Lovely pic

  12. bee says:

    you are really lucky to be able to get fresh local produce. yesterday i went to the local farmer’s market, and though we live in an agricultural area, all the produce was from other states. not local.

  13. Madhuram says:

    Nice one Arundati. I miss going to the market daily and buying fresh vegetables in India.

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