Seasonal twist on an old favourite ~ Raw Mango and Coconut Chutney Recipe

i have had the most hectic few weeks in a long time…..sometimes barely being able to meet deadlines and other commitments…..its been a roller coaster….and now that its over….i miss it all!! i miss my momma!!

one of the nicest things about having your mother around is all the food…cooked and served up!! plus there is all the shopping and the talking that goes on without a break!!

with the summers here and my attempt to try and eat what is seasonal (but that is an oxymoron these days!! strawberries in the summer and mangoes in sept!!) i find myself making this chutney a couple of times a week atleast while raw mangoes are still available… puts a twist on our favourite idli and dosai accompaniment of fresh coconut chutney and gives it quite a flavour kick!! even k who isnt particulary fond of sour stuff was seen reaching for refills…..tangy, spicy and just the right dose of colour, green mango and coconut chutney is my entry to WBB#22 – May Mango Madness that has come to perch at Escapades for thi s edition after spreading its wings from Saffron Trails where its genesis lies.

raw mango chutney ingredients

for the green mango coconut chutney – (Makes 11/2 cup)

1 cup grated fresh coconut

2 T raw mango peices, skinned and cubed(adjust according to tartness)

1 T roasted channa dal / putnala pappu/dalia

2 green chillies (adjust depending on your palate)

2 T fresh coriander leaves

salt to taste

3-4 T water

1/2 inch piece of fresh ginger

1 T chopped onion (optional)

for the tadka

1 T peanut oil

1/2 t mustard seeds

2 dried red chillies broken into two pieces each

1 t channa dal / bengal gram

1 t urad dal / skinned black gram

a few curry leaves

in a blender jar, add all the ingredients for chutney and pulse (not continuously) till smooth. check for seasonings, adjust and take out into a serving bowl. heat the oil in a small pan, add the mustard seeds, when they begin to splutter, add the rest of the ingredients and toast on a medium flame till they are beginning to brown. pour over the chutney. mix and serve with idlies or dosai.


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  1. masalamagic says:

    Anu, i read u’re other blog regularly. I dont know if i have ever commented there but i love the way u ramble on there. I read about u’re time with mom – i can almost feel how much u must be missing her 🙂 and i miss my mom too now 😦
    Mango chutnye looks yummy, we make this a little thicker and usually eat it with rice, any pachadi we eat with rice! 🙂 Will have to try it with dosa.

    Dear MM, thanks for reading (and enjoying!! really??) my ranting!! oh yeah i miss her sooooooooo much…..infact almost opened the floodgates on both sides of the phone line just now!! this chutney we have with pongal or khichdi too and it tastes divine!!

  2. Hetal says:

    gr8 combination,mango chutney looks nice.Would love to see u on my blog.

    thanks hetal…heading over to your right after i save this!!

  3. Aparna says:

    Absolutely love this. We also make a “thogayal”/ “chammandi” (thick coconut chutney like this. Heavenly.

    oh i have had thogayal with green mango at a friends place, it was awesome!! have never tried making it myself….must try!!

  4. Cham says:

    Sounds great this mango chutney with dosa or idlis

  5. Swati Raman says:

    what an idea sirji 🙂 have got to try this one…

  6. Kamalika says:

    Good pic arundati …

  7. Raaga says:

    so green mango instead of tamarind… nice idea… have 2 raw mangoes at home.

  8. Srivalli says:

    the bowl looks yummy arundati!

  9. Uma says:

    lovely chutney!

  10. Anjali J. says:

    lovely recipe.. different one.

  11. Karishma says:

    Just when I was getting tired of the usual coconut chutneys, you came up with this…can’t wait to try it out!

  12. Sig says:

    Green mango chutney is my favorite chutney in the world, we make it thicker, and have it with rice normally… But I can see how it works with dosa or idly. Yummy!

  13. Nandita says:

    My entry is also a raw mango chutney but different from this…will post soon 🙂 haven’t tasted this with coconuts, will be a nice twist!

  14. indosungod says:

    Green Mango with the coconut is a great twist indeed. Would make a great side to idli and dosai. YUM

  15. Asha says:

    OMG! Sounds so good A! Wish I had raw mangoes, yummy breakfast with dosai!:))

    its my turn to say OMG!! you just made my day by being the first to comment!! 🙂

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