Sharjah Milkshake Recipe

the thing about living in a hostel when you are a student living too far away from your hometown to be able to go back and forth during long weekends is, it exposes you to many things…..some good, some not so….but everything teaches you a lesson that you will never forget for the rest of your life……so the longish weekends I’d have at my disposal, I spent accepting every invitation from friends and classmates to visit their homes……the memories and experiences and some of the pictures that I managed are priceless……it also gave me the fabulous opportunity to partake of many meals lovingly prepared, many conversations and a peek into other people’s lives……..

The first time I visited kerala, was on one such weekend…..i remember it was the easter weekend….and I had my first full scale exposure to the heat, humidity, food, people and festivals of this state…..i was in love!! I can recall almost everything that I did those three days…..the food I ate and the walks on the beaches…..i also first sipped a milkshake in a beer mug!! Sharjah shake …… I don’t know how this drink got this name……I have asked around and checked on the internet….haven’t found any conclusive information….suffice to say that the intriguing name apart, this is one must do – must taste when one is in God’s own country…….apparently the birth of this drink happened in Calicut, circa unknown….and its popularity is spreading all over the state….. the ingredients are simple and available in abundance……made of milk and bananas, and frozen milk that gives it an amazing consistency, it makes for a refreshingly cool

indulgence that good for your bones too……sharjah shake is my entry to Beautiful Bones: an Osteoporosis Food Event, hosted by the lovely Food blogga Susan……the event calls for a calcium rich recipe to be made and posted in the month of may which is the osteoporosis awareness month…….milk is a rich source of calcium and so are bananas… Susan, this is being whipped up specially for you!!

To make the Sharjah Shake to serve two in regular glasses or one in a beer mug!!

(This is my version with lesser sugar)

500 mls frozen milk (I used low fat)

2 ripe bananas (about 1 cup of slices)

1-2 t sugar

A pinch of powdered cardamom seeds

1T bournvita (substitute with boost/ drinking chocolate or any malt / chocolate based drink)

In a blender jar, add all of the above ingredients and blend till everything is well incorporated and liquefied. Pour into glasses and serve immediately.

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  1. akku says:

    whether the milk used to blend is frozen after boiled or not

    1. arundati says:

      milk is pasteurized before being packaged and not boiled before use.

  2. Swapna says:

    Anuuuuuuuuuuuu…this brought back sooo many memories… brother and I used to have a favourite place to get Sharjah shakes in ernakulam…near the south railway station…in those days, I never used to be able to finish one shake..they indeed were served in huge beer mugs and were so thick I used to forgo the next….my bottomless pit can hold much more I am sure..have to check next time I go!!!!!!:)

  3. masalamagic says:

    sounds like a yummy shake! and thats a really interesting story 🙂

    Dear MM, thanks dear!!

  4. Sangeeth says:

    luv the idea of boost and bournvita! iam trying it today 😉

    glad you liked it enough to try!! do let me know how it turned out!!

  5. Jyothsna says:

    I live in Sharjah and there are many Malu juice walas around, but they don’t serve Sharjah shake anywhere here! 🙂 Will have to crack that mystery soon!

    hi jyothsna!! really!! now that is interesting!! give them the recipe and make them try it out…am sure it wont be long before they figure out that they have a winner on hand!!

  6. Asha says:

    Bournvita!! Haven’t heard that in a long time, I used to drink that after school everyday!:))
    Shake looks yum. I have got one for you today with Mangoes!

    funnily…i never drank the malted stuff till i went to live in the hostel…where bournvita and milo provided me comfort and nutrition from barf worthy hostel food!! thanks for the lovely entry to WBB!!

  7. Aparna says:

    This is one of those things that you can’t escape in Calicut. Its on the menu board in every big or small place that serves milkshakes!
    I don’t know if it has origins in the Gulf, but usually they add dates to this milkshake and so the added sweetness. Dates came from the G and so the Shrajah connection, I think.(?)

    has to be the ‘Gelf’ influence…..never had the one with dates….must try it out….and obviously omit the sugar…else my hips will cry “bloody murder”!!

  8. Sandeepa says:

    Thats a nice name 🙂

  9. Uma says:

    3 points. 1. Refreshing 2. Healthy and 3. Great recipe

    Uma, one major point….thanks!!

  10. love the idea of adding boost or bournvita..would love to gulp this down now

    Divya, thanks….do try it…its unbelievably refreshing!!

  11. Deeba says:

    LOL.This is hilarious Arundati…seriously I’m shaking all over!!! Love the Sharjah Shake…the kids have the poor beleaguered cousin , the Gurgaon Shake, every morning….(just bananas +chilled milk/so sugar)!! Shhhhhhh. I’ll kill you if you tell them coz they dont know what they’re missing!! U’ve been awarded again…hop across when you have time. Still missing Mom? Cheer up…

    Deebs….try it with frozen milk, its awesome!!….and with bananas…you really dont need to add extra sugar…..

  12. arundathi says:

    doubtless it was brought over by someone from the Gulf! Lol! never heard of it – should ask about it next time I’m in Kerala!

  13. sra says:

    Maybe somebody from the Gulf came back with the recipe – it’s never ceased to amuse me, this name. I once had something in a small milk shake bar which was itself called after some city/country in the Gulf, I forget which, run by Maloos, and the guy there put some brown powder into it – when I asked him what it was, he said it was a secret. I guessed it must be something like Horlicks or Boost!

    i was told that the best places to have it is in one of those small shacks like kaka kadai!! yeah when i asked about the powder too it was claimed that it was “secret”

  14. Raaga says:

    You also went to Kerala for Easter from hostel? I went too… to Trivandrum…roommate’s house – Easter of 1999 🙂 you?

  15. Jayashree says:

    I’ve always thought the ones they make in Calicut are a bit too sweet…so I like your “less sugar” version. Some people also add dates to this shake….

  16. sushma says:

    Hey thats luks so yummy..

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