yay!! for street food – Bhel Puri Recipe (Chaat Recipe)

Street food is something most people love…..except the chronic paranoid though…..i am happy to announce I made the transition quite quickly, from the state of paranoia to the ardent lover…. There is something rustic and lustful about hot, spicy street food….and it cannot be repeated enough times…that it can never be replicated at home…..the environs are too sanitized……from someone who never ate off a bandi or cart, I moved over to someone who now knows the best places to get specific chaat items….yes…all ye people lusting after all those pav bhajis, bhel puris, ragda patties, dahi puris and pani puris in hyderabad, you know now who to contact!! And to all those people who scoff and say “oh the best place to have chaat is mumbai / delhi / agra / calcutta or wherever else you come from” , lets just say, prepared for a major tongue lashing if ever we pick up this conversation……

The one street food item I thought was completely overrated, is the bhel puri…..yes I am quite opinionated that way!! I mean, you cant really proclaim love to some puffed rice that doesn’t even stay crisp when assaulted by some various sundry additions right?? wrong…..k made me see differently…despite the fact that I often scoffed at his love for this item……on holi, a kind and garrulous uncle and aunty who live on the floor below, sent us some homemade goodies and k relished the bhel like there was no tomorrow…..i had been promising to make it for him….and though holi wasall the way back in march, I never got down to doing it till a few days ago……i didnt have the puris that it called for, but armed with a packet of murmura, and licking the imli – date chutney incessantly while it cooked and till I was satisfied, I made this from Meera’s Enjoy Indian Food…..and we loved it!! hurrah for bhel puri….another chronic paranoid conquered!!

this is my entry to Sia’s MBP which this month is all about Street Food

For the bhel puri

3 cups puffed rice / murmura/ muri

½ cup fine sev / bhujia (I used a mixed mixture)

2-3 T finely chopped onions

2 T finely chopped tomato

2 T chopped cucumber

2-3 T finely chopped raw mango / 2 T fresh lime juice

2 T finely chopped coriander leaves

½ a boiled potato roughly mashed

1 t chaat masala

2-3 T imli and date chutney

1 t Tabasco sauce

In a large mixing bowl, add all the ingredients , reserving a little sev and coriander leaves for the garnish, mix using a large spoon so that everything is well incorporated. Dish it out into individual serving bowls, garnish with sev and fresh coriander leaves.

for the date and imli chutney

4-5 dried dates soaked in 1/2 cup water till soft

3 T tamarind extract

1-2 t sugar

1/2 t red chilli powder

1/2 cup water

blend all the above to a smooth paste. transfer to a pan and cook till it thickens to a saucy consistency (about 4-5 minutes)


26 Comments Add yours

  1. rashmi says:

    I lov chat items.. especially bhel,pani,masala puri.. etc..

    enjoyed reading ur blog……do visit my blog when u find time… and leave ur comments and suggestions…

  2. Swapna says:

    Snap Anu….I just made a batch yesterday Instead of dates, i soaked and minced some raisins for the sweet n sour chutney…
    And i always make a lot and keep everything separate and mix at the last moment.

  3. Shri says:

    Lovely entry.I can never forget the roadside Bhelpuri..had been the energy provider to walk to the bus stop and wait for a long time…Golden Old days.

  4. sushma says:

    looks awesome

  5. Hetal says:

    Yummy yummy bhelpuri,lovely recipe.

  6. Meera says:

    Lovely bhel. my all time favorite!! I am coming over!;-)
    Thanks for trying.

  7. bhags says:

    I agree that the taste of these goodies which we get on the street can never be replicated at home…….love the bhel puri

  8. vanamala says:

    Cool ….. lovely

  9. Srivalli says:

    hey too good ya!..:)

  10. arundathi says:

    i love bhel – i used to think it was over rated too – but its so darn delicious!

  11. bhelpuri looks delicious…i just loved reading ur post arundati!!! 🙂

  12. notyet100 says:

    bhelpuri looks delicious…and nice post tooo

  13. skribles says:

    my fave chaat item …. can i have plate of ur bhel? nice entry 🙂

  14. maheswari says:

    Looks YUM…Never tried making it at now…now i will…

  15. rachel says:

    perfect street food!

  16. lakshmi says:

    I agree with Siri. This comes after Pani Puri. 🙂 – guess what, I just bought a pack of puffed rice to make Bhel and I see this on your blog. 😀

    perfect timing or what!! :)…..oh yes and it has been raining here in hyd!! even the weather is calling for bhel puri!!

  17. ranji says:

    now who doesnt love that!!!!simply delicious…great entry..

    thanks ranji….

  18. sia says:

    gimme taht palteful of bhel… oh how i miss waiting for my turn to get a plateful of bhel on roadside gaadiwala… thanks arundati for this fab entry. will look fwd to ur mail 🙂

    thanks for leaving this comment sia, cos i completely forgot to send you the mail!! just did it now! yeah nothing like having the real stuff from a bandi!!

  19. i like all chat items… wow wonderful …. great entry….

    thanks sripriya

  20. sunshinemom says:

    I would love to have a plate please!

    coming right up ma’am!!

  21. Hima says:

    My husband loves bhel puri. I often make it. Yours is looking great.

    thanks hima 🙂

  22. shriya says:

    Bhel puri is my all time fav. Nice recipe and it makes me crave for that.

    thanks shriya…:)

  23. Siri says:

    Yummy..:) Bhel Puri is my second next fav after Pani Puri!!


    i love pani puri too….actually who doesnt?? 😉

  24. Asha says:

    Want some NOW!!:D

    one large serving of bhel puri coming right up ma’am!! 😉

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