Dosakaya Pappu ~ Dal with Lemon Cucumber ~ Andhra Style Recipe

After the sophisticated orange zest cupcakes with chocolate ganache…all dressed up to party somewhere hip, i crash land back to earth with the very earthy and comforting dal….in one of its many avatars………….I was always amazed at the array of lentils that would be cooked in our home as a child….and thought my mother and peddi were some sort of magicians who could stun us with their cooking….

Packed dabba lunches mostly meant rotis and vegetables, lunch times on Saturdays used to be special. Sunday lunches were usually more fancy cooking, the pulavs with a non vegetarian side dish lavished with a rich gravy….but on Saturdays, it would be basic and almost rustic…as we would have some kind of dal along with steaming hot rice and ghee, with papad on the side, we’d never even miss a vegetable if there was none….comfort food at its best….

Dosakaya pappu or lentils cooked with cucumber is a hot favourite…..spicy, tangy and absolutely yummy….paired to perfection with steaming hot rice, ghee and pickle…..whats even better, is that it is very easy and fuss free to make……that makes it a dish after my own lazy heart!!

Packed with protein, this Dal is my entry to eat healthy – protein rich hosted at Art of Cooking Indian Food.

Dosakaya / Lemon Cucumber Pappu ~ Serves 4

2/3 c tuvar dal (arhar or kandi, washed and soaked in water for 10 mins

2 cups of cucumber the oval and yellow indian variety/ dosakaya, deseeded and cut into one inch cubes ( I cook it with the skin, peel if you prefer it skin less)

1 t red chilly powder

¼ t turmeric powder

A pinch of asafetida

Salt to taste

2 T tamarind extract

For the tadka

1 T oil

¼ t mustard seeds

10-12 curry leaves

2-3 dried red chillies

In a pressure cooker, add the washed tuvar dal, cucumber pieces, red chilly powder, turmeric, asafetida and 1 ½ cups of water and cook for 3-4 whistles or till the lentils are cooked.

Open and mix well. Use the back of a spoon to mash the lentils. In a small vessel, heat the oil and splutter the mustard seeds, add the red chillies and fry for a few seconds till they are beginning to turn brown, add the curry leaves. Add this to the cooked lentils, add the salt and tamarind extract and simmer for 3-4 minutes. Add a little water to get the consistency of choice, though it is best when slightly thick. Enjoy with steaming hot rice and ghee.

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Radha says:

    for dosakai
    why some peel the skin and some leave the skin on an cook it?
    why some keep the seeds some discard it?
    do the skin and seeds have any benefit or are they not safe to eat?
    the skin seems tough when i eat it.

  2. Sree says:

    I am surprised to see the recipe over the net…. We too prepare the dal in the same way and my favourite also….. You can try with moong dal also… but for tanginess try lemon juice instead of tamarind…… My mom used to cook like that…

    Spicy dosakaya pachadi is my favourite too…

    i hope the surprise was a happy surprise!! will try with moon and lemon….love dosakaya pachadi but have never made it myself….lots of things to try here!!

  3. Mallika says:

    What a lovely recipe! Very summery too… Bookmarked to try for sure!

  4. Swati says:

    Hi Arundati

    The dal looks nice with cucumber which is totally new for me..
    I also loved the cupcakes with ganache..delicious!!

  5. Cynthia says:

    Honestly, I don’t think that any thing says comfort, home and love like dhal. Yours has me swooning here.

    i so agree with you ….

  6. Priya says:

    Dosskaya adds such a nice flavor to the dal na ? I rarely find it at the Indian store here, but if I do, then its either pappu or dosavakaya (like the instant cut mango pickle). And yes, with the skin on 🙂

    yes it does add a nice flavour….sort of tangy, but not too much…. 🙂

  7. beautiful entry and loved ur crash landing! 😉

    🙂 thanks jz!!

  8. sangeeth says:

    thanks dear.great entry…

    you are welcome sangeeth

  9. notyet100 says:

    nice one for the evnt..


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