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The Easiest Shrikhand Recipe ~ Nutmeg Shrikhand

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sorry Aparna, for not posting this on time

i made this a couple of weeks ago….and don’t ask me why i didn’t post….. its the same story with many other missed deadlines for many foodie events…..i can write another few posts on that…..

shrikhand is one of the most wholesome and yet easy desserts that can be made…..while there are many kinds….both home made and commercial, with dry fruit, fresh fruit and various flavourings…….splattered with nuts and / or slivered fruit….. Jaiphal or Nutmeg Shrikhand is my absolute favourite, without any embelleishments, becuase quite frankly it doesnt need any of those…..and for this, i can fight off any number of people that disagree with me….i mean its pretty simple…..just feed them a spoon……

this is off to Aparna’s Diverse Kitchen, which is guest hosting “Think Spice – Think Nutmeg” this month, this event is the brainchild of Sunita

to make this

2 cups hung / greek yogurt ( i used low fat)

4 T powdered sugar

1/2 t finely grated nutmeg powder

mix all of the ingredients together till well incorporated. chill and serve. i added more grated nutmeg for the picture…..what is given in the recipe is sufficient to flavour it.


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  1. Elizabeth Staunton

    Looks great..I love nutmeg, it has a subtle woody flavour..but too much of it can be overpowering !! I love coffee and nutmeg cookies !

  2. hey there!!!!!!!!!!hopped on to your space from Ragas……nice twist ………never tried nutmeg but love nutmeg in kheer so im already lovign the idea of it in shrikhand…………cool……….

  3. Stunningly simple… I could make some right this minute. Thanks for the nice recipe.

  4. Hey, This is cool. Are you sending this for the “Less is More” ongoing event?

    thanks Pragyan, but i just missed the last date :(……

  5. Pic looks very delicious… creamy and tasty,…. but never tried this combo before…

  6. Srikhand with nutmeg flavor.. Wow should try this. Lovely click

  7. Hmmm… I’ve never really liked this dessert… don’t ask why… and do you know the “real” way is to pass it through a sieve!! I think that put me off it 🙂 This looks lovely.

    oh i just hang the curd…..mix nutmeg and powdered sugar till my arm aches with a tablespoon……tell the “real” shrikhand makers to take a walk!! 🙂 turns out creamy and yummilicious!!

  8. Will try it with nutmeg this time, srikhand looks soooo good!

  9. shrikhand ismy fav,..but ever tried with nutmeg,..looks yum,..

  10. I’d never thought of flavouring shrikand with nutmeg till you told me about it. I shall keep this in mind.
    Thanks Arundati, for this lovely entry.

  11. never encountered this version of shrikhand. sounds yummy. i’m thinking nutmeg lassi.

    nutmeg lassi is great too…..i like it really thick like a smoothie almost….minus the fruit though


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