Baking Escapades #17 – Spice it up!! Whole Wheat Ginger Cookies and Masala Tea Recipe

The Monsoon is my favourite time of the year…..i forget about the wetness and the slush and the inconveniences people face…..i love to curl up on a chair, feet nicely tucked under me and sip on a cup of hot spicy tea…..sweet and strong and flavoured with ginger…..i love the smell of the earth after the rains wash it….

This year we almost didn’t have the rains….there was talk of the rains having failed and all that… affects the entire ecosystem…..reservoirs dry up which badly affects water and electricity supply….i was saddened that I wont have my favourite season……and then it came upon us…..later than usual….but in full gusto… has been raining pretty incessantly for the last couple of weeks…..just the perfect time for some ginger spiced cookies and ginger chai…..

I made these cookies from sunitha’s blog…..infact Deeba mentioned them and I was interested..i tried them and we loved them….just the right chewiness…..spiced and very mildly sweet….what’s more…they’re made of whole wheat flour…..these cookies have become rather regular at home….its just that the rains have made them all the more special…..

For the cookies recipe, see here

For the chai / tea

½ c milk

½ c water

1 ½ t sugar

1 heaped t tea leaves ( I used brooke bond’s Taj Mahal)

¼ t ground dried ginger

Mix the milk and water and bring to a boil, add the dried ginger, tea leaves and sugar and simmer for 3-4 minutes till it is dark and aromatic. Cover and let stand a minute. Strain into a cup and enjoy!!

12 Comments Add yours

  1. Jude says:

    The crystallized sugar looks so inviting on the cookies.. And the chai.. perfect accompaniment.

  2. sunita says:

    Glad the cookies have found a home in yours.

    btw, the earlier mumbo jumbo was courtesy my younger one 😀

  3. Preeti says:

    I’m a rotten cook, but these sound lovely. Now if only I can find someone to make the cookies for me…..

  4. homecooked says:

    Wow….chai and biscuits….total heaven…specially on a rainy day 🙂

  5. Ginger cookies n chai..My fav combo!

  6. Mansi says:

    these are my favorites too! reminds me of the “nice” cookies you used to get in India! yummy:)

  7. Rainy days, make me want to drink tea and have a cookie too. I am glad the monsoon set well and there is plenty of water everywhere.

    yes…am glad too for the water….only it didnt help the poor farmers!!

  8. Deeba says:

    WOOHOO…can see yum yum chai & cookies. You’re really getting busy in the kitchen girl! Good for you!!

    look who’s talking!! 🙂 but yes….getting off my lazy behind is’nt so bad!!

  9. rachel says:

    That pic is definitely comforting!!

    thank you rachel

  10. Cinnamon says:

    Hot chai and cookies on a rainy evening sounds so relaxing 🙂

    yes….is’nt it the best thing to do??

  11. Srivalli says:

    looks perfect!…what more can we want than curling when its raining !..aww…

    curling up with this is total bliss!!

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