What Goes Around Definitely Comes Around!!

What goes around comes around…..in the most unexpected way……. I was touched by the love, concern and generosity of a person I had not even met…..(till Tuesday that is)….. these past 8 days have gotten the better of me…..first k came down with the flu….and when he made a quick recovery in a couple of days, I didn’t know that it would plague me for more than a week. The thing about flu is, it isn’t so serious, but it can make you feel so miserable that you would want out of it……achy spine, runny nose, fever coming on and off, and a cough that could give the ghouls of ramsays a run for their money….

Amidst all of this, last Friday, I was chatting with raaga, better known as “the singing chef ” and told her I was going in for something which was making me feel miserable already and I wished she’d send me some food (we exchange pics of food a lot)….adding that the last thing I wanted was to be shown pictures of some tantalizing concoction she cooked up….

the next thing I know….is getting a call from someone who confirmed my order….and asked for directions to my house….. because my namesake….while humouring me on chat, found an online food vendor through whom she was able to send me some feisty hot and sour soup and fiery mushroom 65!! By the time I got over my shock (of joy of course) and she sorted out some order confirmation issues, I had someone ringing my door bell with the piping hot soup and mushroom dish….which I lapped up in two batches….and god!! Did it do wonders for my cold that day or what…..

i was clearly overwhelmed by the concern and generosity of this person with whom I share so much more than my name……we’ve connected in a way that doesn’t surprise me anymore…..and when we finally met on Tuesday…for the first time….with our respective better halves….and spent the whole evening together, over drinks and dinner and much conversation….…it felt like being in the company of a dear old friend….someone you’ve known over the years…..the best kind of friends, are the ones you can be yourself with…..quirks included….and this one certainly fits that bill……thanks sweetie…… for the time we shared……for being you……and oh yeah for the food!!

Anita Lakshmi is  one such lady who needs to be at the receiving end of our goodwill and help…..a 28 yr old mother of two is in dire need of an immediate  Coronary Artery Operation…..there is a raffle and fundraiser to help raise money for this….organised by Srivalli of Cooking 4 all seasons…..do go over to see how you can help……

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Mallika says:

    That’s so sweet! Hope you’re both fully recovered now.

  2. sushma says:

    thats great! u guys must hv had a great time

  3. Srivalli says:

    Thats indeed great..so nice of raaga…and yes I am sure you guys must’ve had a gala of time..:)

    and it was indeed a nice surprise to read abt the fundraiser..thanks for the support da…

  4. jayasree says:

    Lovely post. Wonderful gesture of friendship.

  5. Nice reading ur post..that was a sweet gesture..Hope u guys recover soon.

  6. Rachel says:

    A great friend indeed!!!

  7. arundathi says:

    thats a wonderful gesture – how lovely! hot and sour soup is exactly what you need when you have a cold! how sweet! and its lovely to hear you guys finally met!

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