Ready in a Jiffy ~ Indian Grated Salad ~ Kosumbari Recipe

A very indian salad, kosumbari or kosumbir is a mjust have at most kannadiga and maharashtrian meals….this one is simple and very easy to put together….i sometimes make a whole meal of this…..

all it asks of you is to finely chop the vegetables if they cannot be grated. use any salad vegetables of choice….just imagine the riot of colours of beetroot was swapped for the carrots i have used here….

To make two generous helpings of salad:

4 T finely grated carrot

1 c deseeded and finely chopped cucumber

½ c deseeded and finely chopped tomato

½ c finely chopped onion

2 T moong dal, soaked in warm water for 10 mins and drained

1 T lemon juice

½ t grated fresh ginger

1 green chilli, deseeded and chopped fine (i chopped mine large to be able to pick it out without setting my tongue on fire ;))

2 T finely chopped coriander leaves

Salt to taste

Mix together all of the above in a bowl till well tossed. Chill before serving.

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Bhawana says:

    nice salad. Tempting pic too :).

  2. sunita says:

    I make a similar salad too,quite frequently, but without the moong dal . And yes, i love the riot of colours too 🙂

  3. Looks healthy n colorful!

  4. mandira says:

    colorful, simple and delicious salad!

  5. Cilantro says:

    Lovely colors and a nice recipe.

  6. sangeeth says:

    koshumbhari is a lovely name:) healthy n quick to make!thanks for sharing

  7. shriya says:

    I am totally new to this koshumbhari. But I can see lot of healthy vegetables in it. So def a lovely recipe. Looks like very easy to make too

  8. Anjali J. says:

    Ahh.. healthy and instant salad when u r in a hurry.. i will keep this in mind.

  9. Happy Cook says:

    Yeah this is indeed ready in a jiffy and delicious too

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