Kakarkaya Vepudu with Goda Masala ~ Bittergourd with Goda Masala Recipe


A few months ago, I received a gift of ½ Kg of Goda Masala from a neighbor. She had moved into the apartment opposite us and is from Pune. I was her contact for all things hyderabadi, from finding a maid and translating for her, to directing her to the closest market ….. we had a good time getting to know each other while she got familiar with a new place. I asked her about goda masala and she very sweetly confessed that she wasn’t much of a cook, infact she was just learning to rustle up something in the kitchen post marriage, never having entered the kitchen before. She promised to ask her mom for the recipe and on her next trip, she came back with this large bag of Goda Masala. While I was touched by the gesture, I really didn’t know how to use up so much of it. I promptly shared it with a few friends and relatives and kept the rest in the fridge, to prolong its use.

Goda Masala is a typically Maharashtrian masala made of many whole spices and coconut. this is used in vegetable stir fries and dals (aamti) and gives the dish a flavourful and aromatic edge. Like everything about cooking, this masala has many versions, and each family has their own way of making it. while a few ingredients will remain integral, there are additions and ommissions too depending on an individual taste and choice. here are some great resources for Goda Masala….it is a labour of love…..so go ahead….

Anitha’s Goda Masala

Indian Food Forever’s Goda Masala

Bhaatukli’s Goda Masala

The Cook’s Cottage’s Goda Masala

Jugalbandi’s Goda Masala

Chakali’s Goda Masala


While I am away at work, Amma busies herself in the kitchen to make dinner. On one of her “see what you have in the kitchen/ fridge / pantry” meddling, she found the stash of goda masala and asked me in what she could use it. I told her most vegetable fries will go well with the masala. This evening, as I unlocked the door, the aroma of Goda Masala greeted me. She used it in this simple Kakarakaya (Bittergourd) fry. If you like bittergourd, this is a must try. It is fabulous, the flavour of the coconut with the garam masalas blended with the crisply fried bittergourd. If you aren’t fond of this vegetable, try the Goda Masala with tendli, brinjal or even pumpkin.

For the Kakarakaya Vepudu with Goda Masala

2 c bittergourd, cut into 1 ½ inch cylinders and then sliced thin lengthwise (she has the patience of an angel, I’d just slice it round)

2 T oil

Salt to taste

A pinch of turmeric

1 t red chilly powder

¾ Goda Masala

In a nonstick pan, heat the oil and add the sliced bittergourd, sprinkle a little water and cover and cook for 5 minutes on low heat. Uncover, add the salt and chilly powder and fry till golden brown (about 6-7 minutes) stirring a couple of times. Sprinkle the Goda Masala, stir to coat well. fry another couple of minutes and remove to a dish. Serve with rotis or as a side dish with dal and rice. we had this with Mentham Kura Pappu and rotis.

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  1. SHUBHA says:

    Hi Arundati! I just love your blog.I too use Goda masala in dal,gavar bhaji,val papdi bhaji or masale bhat.Do use some jaggery when you use this masala as they both blend very welland as all the maharashtrian brahmins do.Take care.

    1. arundati says:

      thank you Shubha for your kind words of praise….It adds a lovely depth of flavour to any preparation i agree!

  2. G.Pavani says:

    looks yummy n tempting me here very much

  3. arfi says:

    masala here, is it the same as garam masala or is it masala wine? and this goda masala… what is it? viewing your photo it mus be some kind of vegetable? i made hot kerala stir-fry the other day. i like kerala when they are still fresh. but in new zealand, kerala is already packed in frozen bags. i craved for it and i thought, well i should try it out. cooking the old way, well… i don’t like frozen vegetables. i wish i could be growing kerala here. sigh.

    i have edited the post to include some recipes for the spice blend….have also mailed you!! check and i hope it helps!!

  4. vanamala says:

    I like goda masala’s recipes. looks nice curry…

  5. Vaidehi says:

    nice post !! I m not a fan of bitter gourd but your recipe is worth to try thanks for sharing !! I will definitely try it soon !!
    I had recently posted Recipe of ‘Goda Masala’. Being Maharashtrian I use this Masala almost everyday..It goes really well in any Usal (beans and lentils), Amati (Dal) and other vegetables like Tendli and eggplant. I would Love to share this recipe..

    thanks so much for the gracious offer vaidehi…i have edited the post to include your recipe!!

  6. Happy Cook says:

    I have never used this masala.

  7. sushma says:

    i love Biter gourd never had it this way. looks yum

  8. Raaga says:

    so I shall try this sometime when S is away.

  9. Raaga says:

    I have Anita’s goda masala… loads of it… I use it very sparingly I must admit. 🙂

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