Sorakaya Kurma ~ Bottlegourd Kurma Recipe


Bottle gourd or Sorakaya as it is called in telugu is a vegetable I am very indifferent to. For the most part, I thought I hated it…. but as my namesake said in this post, I actually meant I don’t like it….i always thought it was an insipid vegetable and despite its size and all, had little to offer of itself in any dish. So while I would eat it in a sambhar or vegetable side dish, I won’t really miss it if I didn’t have it for months….amma on the other hand, likes it quite a bit. She does the cooking for dinner when she stays with me, and she made this a few days ago. When I unlocked the front door, the aromas that greeted me, were mouthwatering to say the least…..

The masalas are typical of what would go into making a meat dish. In Andhra, cooking mutton with vegetables is common, and sorakaya cooked with Mutton is much sought after. The flavours of the rich gravy blend very well with the vegetable and make it a great accompaniment with rotis or a mildly flavoured rice such as pulav.

Sorakaya Kurma – Serves 3-4

2 c sorakaya/ bottlegourd/doodhi skinned and white seed part removed, cut into 1 inch cubes

3-4 T chopped onion

1 t ginger garlic paste

Salt to taste

A few curry leaves

2 T oil

½ t cumin seeds

¼ t turmeric

½ T coriander powder

To be ground to a smooth paste with 2 T water:

3 T fresh coconut

1 ½ t cumin seeds

½ t black pepper corns

1 green chilly

½ t red chilly powder

In a pressure pan or a heavy bottomed pan, heat the oil, splutter the cumin and add the onions, fry till translucent. Add the ginger garlic paste and fry for a couple of minutes. Add the ground coconut masala and fry till it turns golden, this tends to stick to the pan, so stirring is required. Add the cubed sorakaya pieces, coriander powder, turmeric, red chilly powder and stir to coat everything well. Add ½ c water, salt and cover and cook under pressure for 1 whistle. If using an open pan, cover and cook for about 7-8 minutes till the vegetable is tender but not overcooked.

Open when the pressure has been released. Check for salt/seasonings, add the curry leaves and simmer a couple of minutes till it comes together in a nice thick but not runny gravy. Serve hot with rotis or mildly flavored rice (pulav).


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  1. d says:

    hey. i am still making this! discovered a lovely addition – i have started collecting corriander stems (thinking i’ll use them in chutney, but i don’t make chutney as often as i buy dhania, so used the stems in this – ground them with the coconut etc. makes it even lovelier!!!

    1. arundati says:

      oh my! it would definitely make it lovelier… you can use the coriander stems to flavour soups, dal or thai curry. grind to a paste and add to rice for a nice spin on regular white rice…

  2. d says:

    i had a bottle gourd rotting in the frig as usual and was really desperate this time (otherwise i am usually buying fresh looking lauki and giving it to my maid or throwing it) but today being bandh and all, could’nt go out to buy anything else, so had to use up the lauki. surfed the net, found this recipe and made it in less than half an hour. it was amazing. quick, easy, delicious, not too many ingredients. a definite keeper recipe. will be making lauki every week for some time now!!! thanks.

  3. Divya says:

    Is it only 3-4 Tablespoon chopped onion or 3-4 onions?

    1. arundati says:

      3-4 tablespoons divya..about 1medium onion should do

  4. Swapna says:

    Two things for you to collect ..check my blog

  5. Swapna says:

    Hello..check my blog… am passing on some cuddles…

  6. Sweatha says:

    I avoid this vegetable and keep it as faaaaaaaaaaaaar away from me.The kurma looks lovely thgh.Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. sharmi says:

    Kurma looks divine. I never made them with sorakaya. shall try next time.

  8. Aparna says:

    That’s quite a list of spices. And as kurma maybe bottle gourd can redeem itself. It looks very nice in the picture.
    You guessed right. This is a vegetable that I avoid too.:)

    it was good…and i am no fan of BG myself….

  9. Raaga says:

    You mentioned me, but no link 🙂

    Nice recipe 🙂

    updated with the link ma’am!! 😉

  10. Alka says:

    Amazing recipe..wud love to give it a shot !

    do give it one!! it wont disappoint

  11. Happy Cook says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh i want to have this, it looks super delicious. Yesterday it ws another one and today you torture me again with this delicious dish.

    HC… i am trying my bestest!!

  12. Trupti says:

    Sorakaya kurma looks very delicious arundati

    thanks trupti

  13. Swapna says:

    Wow.. I have had this in a lamb curry years back..and the taste has stayed with me all these years…

    pretty fab minus the lamb too!! 😉

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