Chakkara Pongal Recipe (Pressure Cooker Method)


This is coming late, but this is a dish that can be enjoyed anytime. Without fail I make it at pongal to celebrate the earth’s bounty and be grateful for the food on our table. I believe that festivals are not about religion, mostly they are symbolic of hope and thankfulness and love and celebration. A time to be together with the people that matter and sit together as a family and enjoy the fun and festivity.So when Makar Sankranthri comes along, which is the festival of harvest, I make the sweet and savoury versions of pongal and give thanks.

I’ve posted the savoury version of pongal and the only thing that changed this time was the consistency. I made it a little softer than what I posted earlier with the addition of an extra cup of water.


I used a mix of moong dal with and without the skin. But essentially this is a quick way of making it, I don’t know if the purists will bay for my blood!! If the proof of the pudding is in its eating, then this is a winner all the way!!

Chakkara pongal

1 c rice (I used sona masoori)

½ c split moong dal

2 T ghee

1 c grated jaggery

1 c milk

2 green cardamom pods, crushed

2 T golden raisins

2 T cashew nuts

1 pinch of edible camphor

Wash and soak the rice and dal in sufficient water for 10 mins. In a pressure cooker, heat the ghee, add the raisins and cashews and fry till golden. add the washed and drained rice and dal and sauté till almost dry. Add the jaggery and the  2 c of water and cook under pressure for about 15 minutes or 4 whistles. When the steam releases and the cooker can be opened, add the milk, cardamom and camphor, stir and simmer for a couple of minutes till everything is incorporated. Check for sweetness and adjust if necessary. Take off the heat. Serve warm or cold. This tends to thicken, if storing, heat gently with a couple of tablespoons of milk to get the right consistency. I like my chakkara pongal mushy and creamy.

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Anu says:

    So do u add milk twice? “Add the jaggery and the milk” and then “When the steam releases and the cooker can be opened, add the milk, cardamom and camphor, stir and simmer for a couple of minutes till everything is incorporated. ”
    Pls excuse my dumbness. Trying to recreate a heavenly pongal prepared by frnd’s mom.

    1. arundati says:

      hi anu! thanks for pointing it out…was an error… cook with water and later add milk…have made the corrections…

  2. Cynthia says:

    I like the vessel this is presented in,

  3. Anu Sriram says:

    That pan looks nice.. Where did u find that? Delicious pongal!

  4. Swapna says:

    oh.. the Uruli looks as heavenly as the Chakkara pongal… I have to try this.. never made chakkara pongal, and shortcuts are my best friends…… 🙂

  5. Asha says:

    Love the bowl, very traditional. Pongal looks yum. Enjoy! 🙂

  6. Happy Cook says:

    Yummy yumm pongal.

  7. Jayashree says:

    Was wondering where were you for sooooooooooooooo long… Yum Yum Pongal…:)

    am here only babe… been buried under work for a while now… but then, you already sorta knew that!!

  8. Raaga says:

    Don’t make this for me with the edible camphor stuff, OK? My MIL did that for our first Sankranti 🙂 and she insisted, “Tamilians always add this”. It looks lovely and I like the vessel too 🙂

    :)… ok i promise i wont…. though i must admit that the first time i ate camphor in pongal was at a Tamilian friend’s place…. 🙂

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