Adai – High Protein Dosa Recipe

The “Detox Plan” as I am now poshly referring to my diet is going pretty well. It also survived one night of dinner at a Chinese joint.

Its pretty amusing how i suddenly begin to look at and treat lentils and beans of all kinds differently.  I’ve blogged about Adai before. and since grains are not allowed, i made it sans the rice. they turned out great. the adai’s are high protein because of the lentils and are very filling. they can be eaten with podi and ghee (which is a good fat) or any vegetable based chutney like this yummy tomato one or this one made of ridge gourd peels.

Dal dosa
Dal dosa

Adai Dosa Minus the Rice

1 c each of tur(Split Pigeon Peas), chana (Benhal Gram) and urad dal (black gram) soaked for 5-6 hours and ground to a batter with 1 1/2 c water, 3-4 green chillies and 1/4 tsp asafetida. Add a teaspoon of whole cumin seeds to the batter, add salt to taste.

Method: Heat a griddle over a medium flame (I use a nonstick pan). Pour about 1/2 a cup of batter onto the centre of the hot griddle, spread it out with the back of a round ladle to make a disc about 6 inches in diameter. drizzle a little oil on the sides and cook the adai till the edges are beginning to get crisp. Turn over and cook on the other side till golden brown. Take off the flame, stack on a serving plate and serve hot

15 Comments Add yours

  1. OMG… Just made this with the suggested tomato chutney! I am in love. What a winning set of flavor combinations.This hits the spot like chips and salsa… but better because it is more satisfying on less with an overall win on the nutritional value. I feel like it needs a cooling second dip… What kind of yogurt raita could go with this?

  2. Dudley Boggs says:

    Heh I am actually the first reply to your great writing?!

  3. anushruti says:

    I love adai and it makes such a healthy eat!

  4. pRiyA says:

    you have a wonderful blog arundati. such an array of healthy and happy food! will definitely be checking in regularly from now on.
    and thank you so much for dropping by and saying hello at A Gilaas of Chai 🙂

  5. Sig says:

    I think I’ve expressed my fear of adais here before… 🙂 It does look delicious though! So, how did you do on the 2 week challenge?

  6. Miss M says:

    I desperately need a detox plan!
    Can you suggest something that will not require too much of… :S

    PS- The dosas look damn yumm! 🙂

  7. A&N says:

    I love Adai! Try sprinkling Kasuri Methi as its cooking 😀 and make it crisp. Aaaah, the bliss

  8. Sundar says:

    I am drooling. Just give me a couple of adais and some onion chutney and I will be a very happy content man.

  9. Divya says:

    Dal in dosas are something which I’ve never tried.Except for the once in a while Pesarattu,that too from the Woodlands hotel:).Love the way you’ve arranged dosas on the plate..;)

  10. Swapna says:

    This recipe looks great.. And yeah I remember the Pizza episode at CBE very well 🙂

  11. Kay says:

    Wow! I made some grainless adai too and had it with tomato curry. Loved it!

  12. Nupur says:

    Mmm…I think I can get behind this diet/detox plan if such delicious dosas are involved!

    Just out of curiosity- just what did you eat at the Chinese restaurant?? 🙂

    1. arundati says:

      i had a steamed mixed veggie stir fry and a tonne of water!! 🙂

  13. PARI says:

    Lovely! Quite simple to make. And I do agree with Raaga abt the similarity with pesarattu.Will surely try.

  14. Raaga says:

    nice nice… like pesarattu 🙂

    I made something very similar:

    I quite love dal dosas 🙂

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