popular picture?


after the tryst with DC, i did a little search of my food pictures to find that this particular one of the hara bhara kabab is quite popular. attractive enough for it to be used, not once, but twice without permission.

A blogger called hitchwriter, used the same image and when i wrote asking why my picture was used without permission, removed the picture after saying he frequently uses google images. then there’s a site called reciperita who has not replied nor removed my picture despite writing in 3 times. the owner of the site deleted my first comment on the site.

i found an edited picture and the exact recipe of my kalonji aloo on this site…. i’ve left a comment there…. let’s see…

What next? how can one keep tab of where pictures and copy is being used without permission? its irritating and disgusting and totally such a drain on my time.

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  1. Awellwisher says:

    I would advice you to watermark your images with a software and use them on the pics you post.

  2. Cynthia says:

    I found out today that the television company here took one of my images and has it on its website – they created an advertising banner for a client with my photograph without my permission. Tomorrow I am going to the tv station and I am demanding to speak with the advertising manager. I have the screen shots as evidence. I am fed up with this sort of thing. Sorry you are going through it too.

  3. Raaga says:

    These are the PERILS of blogging… one has to take such care and just keep at it

  4. Swapna says:

    Wow.. if people actually don’t claim the snaps are their’s, I personally wouldn’t mind them using my pics… but yeah the way ‘recipe rita’ has posted, it actually seems like she took the pix. Decent of ‘hitchwriter’ to apologise and remove the pic.

  5. Sudeshna says:

    This is really irritating when you see your own produces being used even without the least bit of acknowledgment. The other day I got a mail from a fellow blogger, saying the same thing and mentioning about a site where they have used pictures from different blogs, you may want to have a look here – http://adukkula.blogspot.com/

  6. hitchwriter says:

    Hey I hope I am forgiven !!

    I am really sorry I have caused you irritation.. it was unintentional and I regret the error..

    Infact I promise to be more careful in future. !

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