Another year comes to a close… Adieu 2009

The most lasting feeling  of the year 2009 is that it went by too fast… i just cant get over the speed at which it whizzed past…. seems like just yesterday i was bidding farewell to 2008….

I’ve not been too regular with blogging this year… because of work, travel, health and other things that make this life spin around… also, everyday cooking was reduced to just one meal a day because of my bad shoulder, that was sort of the death knell of creativity…at the end of a day, with an aching shoulder, the last thing i wanted was to cook something interesting, relying on the mundane and easy (and the already posted!). And when i did actually make something blog worthy, it ended up not being photographed.

Three significant trips this year have been to Ahmedabad, where i discovered the older parts of the city, Kerala and experiencing Jew Town earlier this month, and the most beautiful and yet humbling trip trekking upto the Valley of Flowers with K in July…..These three have been unforgettable ones…. As i discover places, old and new, they’ve each taught me something new and have a lot and put me back in touch with myself…..I’ve done a year end post on Random Thoughts

K and I have started on a business venture that is one step closer to following our dreams… so far, its been great to see the hard work pay off, but there’s so much more to accomplish in the new year… Wish us luck my dear friends….

I’ve no regrets or disappointments with this year…. but hope that the new one, will be better, brighter, happier more successful and safer for us all as we say farewell to 2009….

I wish you the love of friends and family,  much laughter, peace, love & joy, the friendship of true friends and the courage to face all else that life brings with it……cheers to everything that 2009 was and all the hope that 2010 brings.

Happy New Year….. Lets have a good 2010

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  1. Dbabu mava says:

    hi i am following your lovely blog there is a lot i can relate to, wish you all the best with all your endeavours.

  2. Suresh Krishnamoorthy says:

    Hi Anu,

    Happy New 2010 to you too, dear. And gosh, I didnt know you could write this well. Awesome. Of course, to leave a comment on your chocolate, I have to eat some naa ?

    Lots of luv 2 u n RB,


  3. pavani says:

    Wish you and rajesh a very happy New Year..My best wishes for your dream project..

  4. Aparna says:

    Rather belated (here anyways) wishes to you both for a very happy New Year. May it bring you all you wish for and more.

  5. sandy says:

    Beautiful flowers, and I share you wish for a better year. Wanted to swing by and wish you congrats, I see Swapna has passed along the award to you. I left my personal blog url rather than my popular travel blog (though certainly visit both). Thought we blogged about some similar things.


  6. sheba says:

    Wish u a great year too…..

  7. Swapna says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR.. I have an award for you… please visit my blog.

  8. nags says:

    Have a wonderful 2010 🙂

  9. deeba says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR you dear girl! Have a wonderful 2010. May all your dreams come true!!

  10. Sudeshna says:

    Wish you a very happy new year, and good luck on your new endeavor. May you receive all success.

  11. Pavani says:

    Wish you and your family a very Happy & Prosperous New Year..
    All the best.

  12. Srivalli says:

    Wish you and K a great year ahead and hope all your dreams come true Aru..

    I agree that the year just flew!..:)

  13. shankari says:

    Wish you the Very best in your new endeavors and good health!

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