Can you tell I love happy colours?

Am back from a wonderful holiday…time spent with family (so what if they are the in laws) and a short trip to Udaipur…. i also had the chance to meet the very friendly Tejal… we yakked and yakked and the only reason we stopped was because i had to leave…and yes… i love shopping… but i did really very little of it… this is it!

hey!! don’t judge me…. i went to gujarat and rajasthan… its like sending someone to vegas for a holiday and telling them not to gamble!! plus i have friends, who always get me stuff when they travel…and it was all calling out to mama to take them home mostly for gifts…and reasonable…and i came back with no extra piece of baggage cos i stuffed it all into my bags because i didnt buy much in the first place…

my shopping list in the order of when and where i bought it

  • assorted chai (at the airport cos the flight was delayed by 3 hrs and i was bored the flavours were unique)
  • hand crafted coloured glass jewellery at tara’s in ambawadi, ahmd
  • one kurti from tara’s in ambawadi, ahmd
  • small handmade potlis (bags) to gift jewellery and stuff from tara’s
  • 2 cushion covers from tara’s
  • 4 kurtis and 2 harem pants from anokhi, ahmedabad
  • banana shaped erasers and rainbow hued pencils from pintoo store in ahmd
  • cloth covered notebooks with hand made paper from shop near the city palace, udaipur, rajasthan
  • wooden and lac thorans with camels and elephants from shop near the city palace, udaipur, rajasthan
  • wooden and lac birds and animal decorations from shop near the city palace, udaipur, rajasthan
  • 5 pairs of hand embroidered jootis and chappal, shop near the city palace, udaipur, rajasthan
  • 5 terracota foot scrubbers from nathdwara enroute to kumbhalgarh fort, rajasthan

the stuff i bought for my SIL and niece is not on the list… this is what i brought back…

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  1. Redchillies says:

    Pretty colors Arundati. Enjoy them! (of course, ignore all the jealous looks I am throwing at ya :))

  2. Aparna says:

    Hey, what’s happened here? New look? Thought I had reached some other place by mistake! 🙂
    That’s a lot of stuff. Think I need to go to Ahmedabad. My husband has been “threatening” to take us visit his alma mater and Vishalla for a long time now.
    Love the comaprison between Vegas and Ahmedabad & Udaipur! LOL

    1. arundati says:

      🙂 was kindof bored of the old layout…am not completely happy with this one either… but then…

      yes you should visit ahmedabad… you will love vishalla, they have this utensil museum which is wonderful…and ofcourse the shopping!! handicrafts is gujarat and rajasthan what gambling is to vegas 😀

  3. Rupa says:

    No, wanted to buy them…will pick them in the next visit….. there is lots of stuff….I got some chikan suits (great prices)….bedsheets, kolhapuri chappals,bangles….Numaish makes me nostalgic…reminds me of the Hyderabad when we were kids…Do make a visit Anu…I haven’t seen much of it this time…was there only for a couple of hours…have to go back…

    And I dont get an error message. For me the post a comment button is disabled. I can’t click on it nor can see the post a comment grid. 😦

  4. Rupa says:

    Congrats on the 100th post on 365 days…Loving your pictures….and I still can’t post a comment there …for some strange reason…

    1. arundati says:

      thanks girl… for the encouragement….i really wonder why you arent able to post there… what is the error message that you get??

  5. Rupa says:

    pretty pretty stuff…..Hey, I saw the same jooties in Exhibition at Nampally….Are these the half ones too? Half jooties…Are they comfortable to walk ? Wanted to buy them but I’ve always used full jooties…hence was apprehensive….

    1. arundati says:

      🙂 yes they are the half jooties… i find them far more comfortable than the full ones, cos they dont bit at the heel and just above…around the back of the ankle… so did you buy them at numaish?? and what else is there?? i am due to make a visit before they shut shop for the year… havent been there for many years now….

  6. Swapna says:

    Oh.. I wouldn’t have guessed that you like colours ..heh heh…:)
    Nice new template by the way… I am also in the process of a bit of revamp..hopefully by next week it will be done 🙂

  7. Nupur says:

    Ooh, that pic is such a treat for the eyes. Everything is so cute and colorful.

  8. Homecooked says:

    Wow!!!! The stuff looks really beautiful 🙂 Looks like u had a fabulous vacation!

  9. Tejal says:

    Love the new look blog…love the stuff you bought..but more than that, I like the way how you put things together and make a superb pic..

  10. Mona says:

    wow, all that loot looks good!

  11. Divya says:

    Love looooooove the joothis:):)

  12. Asha says:

    VERY COLORFUL! Sounds like a lovely trip. Love the chappals! :))

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