Soya Chunks and Potato Curry Recipe

There are times when I miss the flavours of meat. There, I have said it on a public forum. But since I would rather not contribute to the loss of a life just so that it should  feed me, I continue to be a vegetarian. Its pretty awesome sometimes when I come to think of how I considered vegetarian food ‘good for nothing’ a mere 5 years ago, to now, when I am a vegetarian by choice. But the flavours…. ah yes… those I do miss and try and recreate them minus the meat. It is a bit of a challenge and since every ingredient has its own flavours, it can never be a perfect recreation. But still, it would suffice just as well.

I am not too heavy with the usage of soy products. I use soya beans regularly to spike the adai batter I make, but nuggets and granules are used very sparingly. For the simple reason that K isnt too fond of them, and in a household of two, its too much of labour to cook seperately for the both of us. This time however, I tried to redo the classic Meat and Potato Curry using soya nuggets. I must say it turned out so good that we licked the platter clean and K who normally shrinks away from nuggets was fighting me with gusto for them.

Fake Meat and Potatoes (serves 3)

3 medium sized potatoes, peeled and cubed into inch large pieces

1 cup soya nuggets, soaked in boiling water for 20 minutes, water drained off.

1 large onion, chopped fine

2 medium tomatoes, chopped

1 teaspoon each of red chilli powder (adjust according to spice threshold), coriander powder

1/2 teaspoon cumin powder

1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder

11/2 teaspoon ginger garlic paste

1/2 teaspoon whole cumin / jeera seeds

a few curry leaves

mint or coriander leaves for the garnish

salt to taste

1 tablespoon oil

In a pressure cooker or pan, heat the oil and splutter the cumin/ jeera seeds, add the onions & curry leaves and fry till transluscent. Add the ginger garlic paste and fry till it has browned, stirring frequently so that it doesnt stick to the bottom of the pan. add the red chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, turmeric powder and fry for a minute, till the raw smells of the powdered masalas cease. Add the tomatoes and cook for a few minutes till they turn mushy and then add the potatoes and the soya chunks and coat well in the spice mixture. add 2 cups of water and salt and close the lid of the pressure cooker and cook for 2 whistles. Let the steam escapes, open and simmer till the gravy thickens. Check for the spices and adjust, garnish with chopped mint or coriander leaves. Serve hot with fresh steamed rice or rotis.

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  1. amy says:

    Anu … I was wondering on the 2nd of May of a different recipe with soya nuggets. Just then i saw this recipe of yours and tried it. I must confess it turned out so good that i licked the platter clean like u n K did. It was fab !!!

    1. arundati says:

      neelu, am so glad you liked it… next best to me cooking for you eh!!

  2. Swati says:

    Hey, i haven’t had soya nuggets in years now… brought back memories of my mom trying various ways to make me and my brother eat healthy food! 😀 must try soon!

    1. arundati says:

      🙂 i had an aversion to nuggets post single life, cos most of the mess/ hotels would regularly have a kurma made of nuggets… now i can have it in small doses… you guessed it, in a mild kurma!

  3. Pari says:

    Hi. I tried ur version of whole wheat cake with banana and loved it. Have posted and linked back to ur post. Thanks.

    1. arundati says:

      hi pari, thanks a bunch for trying out the recipe and am glad you liked it…for us its a firm favourite

  4. Pooja says:

    Lovely recipe, Ive tried this one before and have also made them semi dry using spring onions too..Im trying to think of how to make the granules..wud love a recipe for that…do u think we cud do a lasagna with the granules??? hmmm… I admire you for ur grit to turn veggie..I love the idea..but its a struggle…

    1. arundati says:

      hi pooja, thanks… once i made up my mind it was easier than i thought actually…and yes i have used granules in a lasagna like dish

  5. Sra says:

    I find that unless it’s a very, very spicy curry, the nuggets don’t absorb the flavours, I use them v rarely, just get them only when I tell myself, there must be some way these things work!

    1. arundati says:

      yeah i agree, which is why they are best in fake meat dishes with nice thick masala!! also good in pulavs

  6. Swapna says:

    I have tried soy nuggets and this is the only way I knew to make them :).. it really was good …

    1. arundati says:

      :)…i’ve tried it in pulav’s too and its quite nice… once you get over how ugly they look tho!!

  7. Apu says:

    Lovely recipe!! We do get the nice soya nuggets around here, and I make this curry for rice every once in a while!! great picture.

    1. arundati says:

      thanks a bunch apu

  8. Sujatha says:


    This looks heavenly. I have NEVER made Soya nuggets but this awesome pic is making me do something I havent done 🙂

    thanks for posting it.

    1. arundati says:

      am sure you will like it Su…its an easy weeknight dinner dish, perfect with bread, roti or rice…

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