Beat the Heat Series ~ Cold Coffee Recipe with Filter Decoction

The mercury touched 45 degrees C yesterday.  it was unbelievably and unbearably hot. K has refused his morning coffee all of this summer and prefers to have a glass of cold coffee. I joined him with a glass of my own yesterday. I made mine with filter coffee decoction, since we dont have instant coffee at home. It was the most soothing drink to chill with.

Cold Coffee (makes 2 servings)

1 cup strong filter coffee decoction

250 ml frozen milk (i stock extra milk in the freezer for emergencies, i used this. alternatively use 2 cups of very cold milk)

3 teaspoons of sugar (add more or less according to preference)

8 cubes of ice (increase if not using frozen milk)

Put all the ingredients in the blender jar of a mixer and whizz for a minute in short 10 second bursts, till everything is incorporated and frothy. pour into tall glasses and enjoy.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. mona says:

    Sounds refreshing!

  2. Ahhhh… i cud have one right now… love love love cold coffee… topped with icecream sometimes…

  3. mallugirl says:

    hmm.. this is my go to in the heat.. this interspered with lassi. stay cool.

  4. Asha says:

    Scary hot, isn’ it? We too reached almost 90F here and it’s not even Summer yet! They make filter coffee in my in laws house everyday. Looks great A. I love cold coffee.

    1. arundati says:

      omg…yesterday was unbelievable Asha… i always count my blessings for the roof over my head, and another floor on top to cushion the heat! filter kaapi is a must for me…cant drink any other kind!

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