Happy Birthday with ‘Sugarfree’ Kheer ~ Kaddu ka Kheer (Bottlegourd) Recipe

Dear Amma,

you turn a year older today. We wanted to celebrate in style, but you will have to make do with the presence of your children and grandchild minus the exciting vacation unlike the last big celebration. it doesnt take away one bit from what you are. We give thanks for what you have taught us especially about being dignified in the face of the worst kicks life gives you and carrying on, so that life itself relents and smiles on you. You still are my hero. Although sometimes i find you quite a nag, i remind myself I’d better be careful of what I accuse you of, since I cant escape my genes and am turning out to be more and more like you! I wish for you health and happiness and much more laughter than you can handle! There, take that and deal with it… so what if you cant go on a vacation this year, am sure our surprise appearance last night has more than made up for it!

To celebrate, here’s a beautifully creamy yet healthier route to a hyderabadi classic Kaddu ka kheer

Kaddu ka kheer

Makes 5 servings, Time taken: 30 mins

1/2 litre plus 1 cup milk ( i used 3% fat)

2 cups grated bottlegourd (lauki in the north but in hyd we call it kaddu)

1/4 cup raw basmati rice

2/3 cup sugar substitute ( i used sugarfree brand) or sugar

1/2 a teaspoon grated nutmeg, divided (or use elaichi if you dont like nutmeg)

a few slices of almonds for the garnish

wash the rice and set aside. in a pressure cooker, add the rice, grated bottlegourd, 1/2 litre milk and cook for 2 whistles or till the rice is cooked. when the pressure releases, open the lid and mash lightly with the back of a ladle. add the sugar substitute or sugar and the remaining milk and cook on a low flame till the mixture begins to thicken. taste for sweetness and adjust. I dont like overpoweringly sweet kheer, so this is low on sweetness. simmer till the back of a ladle is coated thickly. add the nutmeg and sitr. turn off the heat. let it cool. Serve chilled with a sprinkling of nutmeg and a fel slices of almonds

15 Comments Add yours

  1. radha says:

    That is a lovely greeting to your mom. I shall give this kheer a try.

  2. Nandita says:

    Belated wishes to Aunty-is this kheer going to taste like the one I had at your place? If yes, Im going to try it 🙂

  3. Siri says:

    Yeh! your mom and me share birthdays. :). the kheer looks so yum Arundati. 🙂


  4. Karishma says:

    Wishing your mom a very happy bday, which she would have had anyway, with all of you around!

  5. rachel says:

    Happy B’day to ur mum ….

    1. arundati says:

      thank you rachel for your wishes, from me and mom

  6. Sra says:

    Nice post! Happy b’day to our Mom! And yes, we do seem to turn into our Moms, whether we want to or not!

    1. arundati says:

      oh yes! and the most horrified to see the gradual transformation is K! Amma thanks you for your wishes

  7. Srivalli says:

    What a lovely way to celebrate Aru..Many many happy returns of the day to your dear Amma..Kheer looks yummy!

    1. arundati says:

      thanks valli. Amma also says thank you to you…. we had a good time!

  8. Hi, a great sugar substitute to try when baking is Ideal No Calorie Sweetener. You can buy it in bags or in boxes of little packets. Visit http://bit.ly/atgBD1 for $1 off! Happy Thursday!

  9. notyet100 says:

    nic post,…do convey my wishes to her,..

    1. arundati says:

      thanks dear girl, did convey your wishes to a lady who is still amused that my ‘blog friends’ wish her!

  10. Priya says:

    Sounds yummy! Sunday dessert time 🙂 And Happy Birthday to your Mom! What a lovely way to wish her. Cheers!!

    1. arundati says:

      thank you priya. have conveyed your wishes to amma. she says thank you 🙂

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