Festive Aftermath ~ Orange Scented Spice Tea

Hope you all had a wonderful Deepavali whichever way you chose to celebrate. We had a lovely though tiring time. We headed to K’s parents home quite early in the day. Had a lovely family time over breakfast and lunch, much laughter and leg pulling. The one that is the most happy is always Sage. Everyone makes such a big deal out of him and his presence that I have a tough time getting him to sleep. We chose not to burn firecrackers this year and headed back home at 4 for a much needed nap.

Later in the evening, we headed to my friend’s J and B’s lovely home for a Diwali together. We got home way past midnight with a dog on steroids in tow. Surprisingly, Sage is unaffected by firecrackers. When I walk him, I am the one who jumps in my skin each time a ‘bomb’ goes off. he is so unaffected (touchwood) that last year it led me to believe briefly that he may be deaf!

To help you recover from all the sweet laden rich food indulgences over the festive season, here is some refreshingly fruity tea. Its pretty simple to make and if you have tea leaves, an orange and know how to boil water, you can make this!

Spiced Black Tea (Makes 2 Servings)

Water                                                 – 3 cups

Cinnamon Stick                              – 1 inch long piece

Honey                                                – 2 teaspoons

Fresh Ginger                                   – 1/2 inch piece, peeled and crushed

Star Anise                                         – 1 whole flower

Tea Leaves                                       – 1 teaspoon leaves or 1 tea bag

Orange peel                                     – 1/2 teaspoon (fresh is better, frozen or dried is fine too)

  1. Bring the water to boil in a saucepan and add the stick of cinnamon, orange peel, star anise and crushed ginger. Boil this for a minute till the spices infuse their flavour to the water.
  1. Strain the spices and add the tea leaves to the spiced water. Cover and steep for 2-3 minutes.
  1. Stir in the honey, strain the mixture into serving cups, top with a stick of cinnamon or a slice of orange and serve hot.

am really enjoying this non stop blogging. Thank you dear readers for all the encouragement and the kind words!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Spandana says:

    Looks so relaxing and comforting!

    1. arundati says:

      the layered flavours are very beautiful too… i hope you try it out

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