Healthy Indulgences ~ Barley Khichdi


If like me, you are reeling with the festive overeating aftermath, here is something healthy for you to indulge in.

I saw a recipe for barley khichdi in an old edition of good housekeeping under healthy foods. However, the method there was more laborious with all the ingredients cooked separately and tossed together. Readers of this blog will know that I am a great proponent of the one pot meal method. And so I had to do my own little adaptation of this barley khichdi.

I added equal quantities of barley and pulses to increase the protein content. And added a lot of chopped vegetables to increase fibre.

This was delicious served with some garlic kuzhumbu and A1 banana chips from Coimbatore. Can also be served with some raita or curd.


Barley Khichdi (Makes 2-3 servings)

1 cup barley (wash and soak in cool water for 15 minutes)

½ cup moong dal with skin

½ cup masoor dal (split red lentils)

1 ½ cups assorted vegetables ( I used onion, tomato, potato and carrots)

½ cup frozen green peas, corn, red and yellow capsicum

1 split green chilli

A few curry leaves

½ teaspoon whole cumin (jeera)

A pinch of turmeric powder

½ teaspoon grated fresh ginger or ginger paste

2 cups water

Salt to taste

1 teaspoon oil

In a pressure cooker, heat the oil and crackle the cumin seeds. Add the chopped onion, curry leaves and green chillies and sauté a few minutes. Add the grated fresh ginger and sauté. Add the tomato, potato and carrots, turmeric powder, and the drained barley and dals. Sauté everything for a minute. Add the 2 cups of water and close the lid of the cooker. Cook under pressure for 7 minutes and simmer on low flame / heat for another 2-3 minutes. Turn off the heat and wait for the pressure to release. When you open the lid of the cooker, put it back onto the heat and add the rest of the vegetables (peas, corn and capsicum, as they take very little time to cook and yet retain their color), add a little water to get the right consistency, adjust salt and simmer a couple of minutes. Serve hot with raita, pickle and chips/ papad.

This is a wholesome and filling meal. A good way to eat barley instead of rice or broken wheat. Remember to cook it well and chew well as barley can be difficult to eat the first time if not cooked properly.

I added the peas, corn and bell peppers later to retain their colour. This is purely a cosmetic process. Feel free to add the vegetables all at once to make the process simpler.

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  1. Did you realise Anu, we are already halfway through NaBloPoMo! Yay to both of us, though I am yet to post for Nov 15th.

    1. arundati says:

      Dearest Siri, didnt realise… its been fun tho… i did backdate a few posts i missed. overall i think i have done more blogging in a month than i have in a few years!

  2. this khichdi sounds perfect for the chilly weather we have in Hyderabad right now. Love the second pic with banana chips. Makes me want to grab the plate right away! 🙂


    1. arundati says:

      haha! if someone is coming from coimbatore, you must ask for A-1 chips. they are the thinnest and i love them the best

  3. I like any khichdi, absolutely any kind. This one just looks so comforting.
    You have a lovely space here Arundati. Such delicious things everywhere!

    1. Sharmila says:

      Sorry, really don’t know why it posted my name twice. I swear my first name is only the regular number of SHarmilas

      1. arundati says:


  4. Sundar says:

    I make a dish that’s very close to your recipe…the difference being, I cook the barley and legumes first in pressure cooker, then add spinach and green pepper (after release of pressure), then I saute onions with ginger, chilli peppers, cumin and fenugreek and tomatoes separately and mix at the end…it’s one of my best comfort foods…keeps me sane in cold Minnesota

    1. arundati says:

      sounds terrific to add spinach. The original recipe i was inspired by also had a similar method to what you mention. I am a lazy cook and prefer to bungle everything together!

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