Of the Blogging Marathon and other stuff

So, its almost the end of NaBloPoMo and I cannot believe that I stuck it out. For five years now I have watched blogging marathons happen in the blog world. I watched in awe, but knew I didn’t have the time or the discipline to do something like this…This year, I don’t even know what  I was thinking when I signed up.

thanks to the marathon, I have blogged more this one month than in a whole year! It has given me such joy to just sit at my computer and type away. I realised I have so many recipes in the archives and photographs in my hard drive. They languish there because I was either lazy or felt they were not good enough to be published.

That somewhere has changed with this exercise. I am no longer caught up with the appropriateness of a picture or a post (which explains why I am writing this!). In-fact I have stopped editing my pictures altogether. No cropping, no adjusting light and contrast. It is such a relief!

Blogging has given me a lot. It has made me more conscious about my food choices, about how I cook or what nutrition each meal provides. It has taken me away from mindlessly eating junk. It has made me read labels more attentively and make wiser choices.

Most importantly it has given me friends.

Funnily, for someone who has been blogging for more than 6 years now, I still feel like an outsider! I am awed by the blogs i discover each day as I trawl the internet. I am amazed by the talent that bloggers across the world posses.

I must confess tho, that there are times when I am torn. When I see the beautiful layouts and gorgeous pictures, the styling and detailing, the complicated recipes and the reach of blogs, and subscriber counts, I resolve to do better, put in more effort and try to make my blog/ recipes and pictures better.

A few days or weeks pass by and I post something here back in my laid back style…. then it hit me… This blog is me… it’s a reflection of me… I write here to document my experiments and I am not going to make a job out of it. I am most comfortable taking pictures thrust on my dining table which is near a door, at the most, I carry food out to the little table we have on the balcony. I have a decent collection of plates and bowls but I usually end up photographing in the bowls/ dishes and plates that we use everyday to eat.

Blogging for me is like me or my cooking, Easy and fuss free. I get very worked up with performance anxiety if something is thrust on me. I shy away and never venture out again. same with this blog. And I guess it will remain that way!

What are your thoughts on blogging? How much time do you spend on it a week? what are your concerns?

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  1. anmol narain says:

    Same . I recently started blogging , it is so humbling to see such great blogs out there with impeccable food styling and imported ingredients . But my style is more like yours ,comfortable and real . Just added you on indieblogger . You’ve been blogging for six years , wow . Can’t imagine what that feels like , right now it’s slightly stressful with the deadlines that I make for myself . It’s barely been a month since I started ,so . Hopefully I’ll ease into the whole thing and become as comfortable as you are .

  2. Exactly my sentiments. I haven’t blogged as much in the last 5 months that I began blogging as I did in this one month and have loosened up about the posts and have lost some inhibitions regarding the blogging…

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