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Eggless Baking Classes in Hyderabad


If you would like to attend, please leave a comment.



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Home lover...Rains...Sea(esoteric child of the water god)...treks...nature wilds...Trains...Garfield...Alstroemeria blooms...Sunflower stretches...Spot 6 differences...Crossword attempts...Supper Nags...No sleepless nights...

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  1. Hi arundati, please could you give me details of your classes.

  2. Hi Arundathi

    I would love to attend classes on Eggless and low calorie baking. Please let me know when is your next class in hyd.

    With regards

  3. Hi Arundhati,

    Please let me know when is your next class? I would like to join.


  4. Hi Arundhati,

    I am interested in your classes , missed this one 😦 Do you plan to conduct eggless baking basics again? Please let me know.


  5. Hi Arundati, I’m Anu Radha from Chennai. I love your recipes and tried many of them. It would be great if you could conduct a class in Chennai or an online session. I can get my friends and family as well for the class.

    • Hi Anu Radha, Thank you so much for your feedback.Will surely keep you posted about classes in Chennai. I would love to bring my classes there! Stay tuned for the updates!

  6. Waiting to attend the class n meet arundathi.


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