Eggless Baking Classes in Hyderabad


If you would like to attend, please leave a comment.




9 thoughts on “Eggless Baking Classes in Hyderabad

  1. sriram says:

    Hi Arundathi

    I would love to attend classes on Eggless and low calorie baking. Please let me know when is your next class in hyd.

    With regards

  2. Malini says:

    Hi Arundhati,

    I am interested in your classes , missed this one 😦 Do you plan to conduct eggless baking basics again? Please let me know.


  3. Anu Radha says:

    Hi Arundati, I’m Anu Radha from Chennai. I love your recipes and tried many of them. It would be great if you could conduct a class in Chennai or an online session. I can get my friends and family as well for the class.

    • arundati says:

      Hi Anu Radha, Thank you so much for your feedback.Will surely keep you posted about classes in Chennai. I would love to bring my classes there! Stay tuned for the updates!

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