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Ice-cream and summers have a marriage made in heaven. Especially the intimidating heat of Hyderabad which easily touches the 40s range. When I got a call to review an artisan ice cream joint called Mist n Creams I was interested though a little skeptical at the introduction of the place. I was told that liquid nitrogen was going to be used to make the ice cream in less than 3 minutes, that too in front of me, after I had made my selections.

I wasn’t even sure this was edible, but if there is one thing I believe in, especially when it comes to food, it is never say never.

So off I went along with a fellow food blogger to check out this place. Located in one of the still green colonies in upmarket Hyderabad, Mist n Creams has a small outlet that has a few tables and chairs to be seated inside. Parking is an issue as only street parking is available and this can be tricky especially at peak traffic times and on the weekend.

mist n creams
mist n creams

The owner duo, with prior experience in IT and Management, followed their passion for food and to bring something unique to the ice cream experience in Hyderabad. Armed with a year of research and travel to source ingredients and equipment, they tested out the market at a drive in parlour near the Hyderabad international airport on the outskirts of the city. Encouraged by its success, they brought Mist n’ Creams to Hyderabad.

mist n creams
mist n creams

The process of making the ice cream is the main attraction here. Baristas man the large mixers into which they add ingredients chosen by the customer after the order has been placed. Milk, fruit extracts, crushes, nuts and chopped fruit go into the bowl of the mixer, after which, carefully handled liquid nitrogen is added. Liquid nitrogen has the property of cooling anything it comes in contact with rapidly. In this case, when added to the ingredients for ice cream, rapidly freezes everything. When used with the paddle attachment of the mixer, a creamy dessert can be produced in a matter of minutes. This allows the customer to choose the texture of preference from creamy soft to slightly harder and more frozen. This technique of using liquid nitrogen to make frozen desserts is quite the global trend and offers the customer a delightful experience.

Liquid nitrogen is colourless and odourless and evaporates quickly freezing everything that it comes into contact with and needs to be handled carefully to avoid cold burns. The adding of this component to the liquid ingredients creates quite a spectacle with coloured (from the food) fumes emanating like a cloud. It is all quite dramatic and whets your appetite for more!

The menu is decent with a myriad selection of flavours. The chocolate variants are the most sought after and offer variety. They also have some classical chef’s choices and many which are fruit based.

mist n creams
mist n creams

I tasted Kiwi Kick, which is a kiwi based ice cream from the Fruit Dream range, the fruit n’ nut, which I was told is very popular from the Chef’s Dream range and the Roasted Almond from their Italian  Dream range.

mist n creams
mist n creams

The dramatics aside, the real test of mettle is the taste of the product. Honey dipped and crunchy roasted almonds from the Roasted Almond was easily my favourite. The texture of the ice cream is velvety smooth and creamy. This is due to the rapidity of freezing that happens with liquid nitrogen, the crystals that are formed are minute, and lend a creamy texture to the ice cream. The crunch and flavour of the roasted almonds elevates this dessert.

The Fruit n’ Nut is plain vanilla with a smattering of fresh fruit that included pomegranate and chunks of apple. The overwhelming taste of banana was a downer for me. This ice cream could certainly do better with a carefully selected medley of fruit instead of being overwhelmed by a strong flavoured banana. I will not recommend this to anyone unless I know what fruit are going to be added.

mist n creams
mist n creams

The biggest disappointment for me was the Kiwi Kick. After all the philosophy of the place is to appeal to all five senses. The last thing I expect from an ice cream claiming to be an artisan ice cream is the use of sickeningly artificial fruit crushes. The commercially available crush which was used in this recipe has so much of artificial essence, colour and flavour that it is difficult to mask. I couldn’t have more than a couple of spoons of this pale green ice cream that came topped with a few slices of fresh kiwi.

Yes the texture of all the ice creams served was velvety smooth and that in my opinion is what they need to capitalise on. The claim of the five senses is hardly catered to. The concept is novel. The dramatics of watching the ice-cream being made is a show stopper. I was rather underwhelmed by the final product tho. The recipes need much work,especially in the selection of ingredients and the pairing of flavours. The balance of taste, texture and flavour is lacking.

Mist n’ Creams has high potential. The concept is unique and one of its kind at least in Hyderabad. They need to sorely work on their recipes. For now, the main draw is the dramatics of watching the ice cream being made rather than the actual taste and flavour of the various ice-creams.

Mist n’ Creams, Ice Cream Parlour

Recommendations: The Roasted Almond Ice cream

Guests can also bring in their own ingredients (which need to be approved by the management) to create their own ice creams

Price for a double scoop begin from Rs. 120

Hours: 12:00 pm to 12:30 AM

Location: Below HDFC Bank, MLA Colony, Road Number 12 Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

Credit Card Accepted: Yes

Parking: Street parking

Telephone: 9440296169/ 8500085252

P.S: All photographs in this post courtesy of Preethi Vemu of The Meal Algorithm


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tasting scoops of ice-creams in various flavours, fresh fruit juices and shakes are hot for the hottest summer.

  2. Uzzal Mohan says:

    Dear Arundhati. Thanks for the review. But how different it is from Creamstone

    1. arundati says:

      Does creamstone also have the instant icecream made with liquid nitrogen? Am not aware of that

      1. Ravi says:

        No… They do not have instant ice cream

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