Beat the Heat Series ~ Rose Falooda

Rose Falooda
Rose Falooda

This blogging is a dangerous activity, yes it brings you in touch with like minded people, you make friends, you connect offline, but it also means that you can get quite obsessed with making / cooking what someone else is eating because you are bombarded with pictures or descriptions!

R of Hungry and Excited blog, was talking nonstop for a couple of days about replacing her meals with Falooda that she made at home to combat the heat and I was insanely jealous. I usually make falooda at home. We love having it to beat the hot summers here in Hyderabad. There are also a lot of popular places where one can have falooda that people flock to. But it was past 10:30 PM and I didn’t have ice cream on hand so I made K drive me to the nearest place and slurped more than sipped this sickeningly sweet but yummy drink/ dessert.

kesar falooda
kesar falooda

We had the special kesar falooda with dry fruit. The other popular flavours are pista, khus and ofcourse kesar

Falooda is by no means a low calorie indulgence. It is sugar laden and very filling. No wonder R was replacing her meals with it.

Falooda (makes 2 servings)

2 cups chilled milk

4 teaspoons sabja seeds soaked in water for 10 minutes and drained (basil seeds)

1/2 cup falooda sev (if not use regular semia, cook in 1/2 cup water with 2 teaspoons sugar)

3 scoops butter scotch/ vanilla or pista icecream

1/4 cup rose syrup / rooh afza

Divide all the ingredient equally as you layer in the glasses first add the rose syrup next add the soaked and drained sabja seeds

Next add the cooked falooda semia and gently pour the chilled milk so that it doesn’t mix with the rose syrup

Top with icecream & drizzle some more rose syrup, serve immediately

Instead of rose syrup any other syrup like khus / pista or kesar syrup can be used.

The pairing of icecream is as follows khus/ pista syrup with pista icecream

kesar with butterscotch or vanilla icecream

rose syrup with vanilla or strawberry icecream

5 Comments Add yours

  1. hAAthi says:

    OMG what have you done?
    Now I will have to make it from scratch, of course.
    Because, you know. Blog friends are evil. They make you do these things.
    *evil face*

    1. hAAthi says:

      Except I hate means hate Rooh Afza.. Maybe strawberry crush, instead? This readymade stuff I had was strawberry flavoured and it was fantastic!

      1. arundati says:

        How can you hate rooh afza? It is the soul of rose falooda! 😔

  2. Anonymous says:

    can you also list out the popular falooda joints in hyd? for the all-too-frequent combinations of lazy days and untimely urges 😉


    1. arundati says:

      There are too many in town to list down, here are the ones I have had falooda at: Agrawala sweets next to Ratnadeep at kothaguda, The stall outside Kakes and Krisps at kothaguda signal, any of the chaat and sandwich joints at Sindhi colony secunderabad, most of the road side vendors at charminar, shah ali banda and paradise outlets across the city.

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