Breakfast Ideas ~ Egg Salad Rolls

Stop stealing my eggs!
Stop stealing my eggs!

I find myself dipping into Sage’s share of boiled eggs once in a while for a quick snack, an idle time eat, to pimp up my salad or just dunk into a tomato onion gravy. Having a couple of boiled eggs on hand has always allowed me to be fed on days when K is travelling or I am feeling particularly slothful.

I had to come up with an easy kid friendly breakfast recipe for my newspaper column and decided I had to pay homage to one of my favourite ways of eating boiled eggs – egg salad.

There is nothing much to ‘making’ this breakfast roll. Unless boiling an egg and toasting bread counts as cooking in your books (which it sometimes does in mine ;P)

Egg Salad Roll
Egg Salad Roll

Egg Salad Roll (Makes 2 rolls)

Wholewheat bread roll           2

Boiled Eggs                                 2

Mayonnaise                              2 tablespoons

Tomato Sauce                          1 tablespoon

Cucumber                                  ¼ chopped fine

Tomato                                      ½ chopped fine

Coriander leaves                   a small bunch

Salt and pepper                      to taste

Chop the boiled eggs into medium pieces, toss with the chopped cucumber and tomato in a bowl.

Add the mayonnaise, tomato sauce, fresh coriander leaves and salt and pepper and gently mix.

Slice the rolls in two lengthwise, gently warm them on a tava. Place a few spoonfuls of the filling along the length of the roll.

Cover with the other half. Secure with a toothpick. Serve with some tomato sauce on the side.

*This mixture can also be used to stuff a paratha or roti like a frankie and served.



8 Comments Add yours

  1. sb2711 says:

    Finally. After ages of searching for a quick recipe that a non-cook like me can make, tadaaaa… 😀 Thankyou so much!

    1. arundati says:

      Stuff the egg salad in rotis or even bread slices and you are done!

      1. sb2711 says:

        Sounds soul comforting!! Cheers!

  2. Amazing idea, considering we have boiled eggs always on hand, thanks to Atom’s stash 😀

    P.S. What’s the black mark on Sage’s tongue?

    Love seeing his cute face here 🙂

    1. arundati says:

      Yeah eggs are so convenient to have no! Those are birthmarks on his tongue 👅

      1. How cute!

        and total convenience on the egss 😀

  3. Sra says:

    I heard that boiled eggs take many calories to digest and they are given in the Mayo Clinic’s diet

  4. mandira says:

    Such a great idea. I have some rolls that I just got. Will make it for the weekend.

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