Eating Out ~New Set Menu, Bidri, Hyderabad Marriott Hotel and Convention Centre

Last week on a Friday, I found my way back to Bidri at the Hyderabad Marriott. Living on the other end of town, I am always a little lazy to make the trek across town. By the time I reach my destination, I am usually dizzy and cranky (not sure which is the chicken and egg here).

I am always interested to see what newness a hotel puts out when they offer a revamped menu and in this case, I’d already read a couple of reviews and my interest was piqued enough. Bidri is the voluptuously done Indian restaurant at the Hyderabad Marriott and does not shy away from indulgence. I absolutely love the doorways done with the inlaid silver, an art form of Bidar, from where the restaurant takes its name.

I have met Chef Yogi multiple times before, and it is always a pleasure to chat with him. To talk about the hows and whys of menu selection, research and final offering. As a (self appointed) Chef and Baker, I find this process equal parts interesting and frustrating. There is a nice challenge to find a good recipe or be inspired enough to create one, and yet honing it, presenting it to an audience and waiting for their verdict can be somewhat nerve wracking and frustrating. Especially if they didn’t like it as much as you did when you conceptualised it!

The set menu comprises of a set full course meal, soup, starters, main course and dessert at a very attractive price. The menu changes daily and hence offers great variety for the frequent diner.

Gosht ka Arak

We began the meal with a soup – Gosht ka Arak – Lamb stock, simmered and spiced very subtly and served over pieces of a saffron lamb jelly, which looked like croutons, but actually melted into the hot soup, imparting a deeper flavour.

For the vegetarians there was a deeply rich and flavoured Kaaley Chaney ka Shorba. It was creamy and slow cooked. 

Kebab Platter ~ Baddami Seekh Kebab, Pakke boti ke kebab, Bhatti ka Murgh

Next up was a platter of kebabs, I tried the Badami Seekh Kebab, studded with broken almond pieces, I found this a little dry.

The other mutton based starter was the Pakke boti ke kebab, lamb cubes, braised in a spiced stock and chargrilled. Succulent with the right blend of spices, this was very good and will be appreciated by meat lovers.

The stand out item from amongst the starters for me was the Bhatti ka Murgh,  absolutely tender and succulent pieces of chicken, marinated in water & pepper overnight, which makes the water drain out and the peppery essence stays in the meat. Grilled in the tandoor and finished off on a pan, this was terrific. The flavour of the pepper just tingles long after you have wiped the last shards off the plate!

For vegetarians, there are some options such as Arbi aur moongphalli ki seekh – Colocassia & peanut spiced mash, skewered and cooked in a tandoor and the Tandoori Malai Broccoli which I didn’t taste.


We were next served a palette cleanser ~Sambuca, fennel and yoghurt granita, I am not a big fan of either fennel or yogurt granitas, but this one with the fresh falvours was very very good and I loved the presentation.


For the main course, I had the Raarhi Bateyr ~ A thick gravy of brown onion, tomato and spices, coating succulent young quail (bateyr). I loved this dish and full marks for serving something other than chicken and lamb / goat.

There was also the brilliantly flavourful Dum Ki Macchi ~a yogurt and brown onion based rice gravy, simmered with spices and slow cooked till thick. The fish used is the local favourite, Murrel, which is a delicate fresh water fish. I couldn’t decide if I this was my favourite dish from the main course offerings.

The chicken dish that surprised me with its simplicity was the Rajpure ka Tamatar Chicken ~ This is a dish inspired by Chef Yogi’s aunt who lives in Punjab, it uses no onions, only perfectly ripe tomatoes, cooked down till the gravy is almost sweet and yet retains its freshness. This dish is again very good. I must compliment the Chef and his team on the non vegetarian main course dishes I was served. Each one was so well made that it was tough to choose a favourite.

There are a lot of options for vegetarians too. Choose from Malai Paneer, Nawabi kofte, Baingan aur Mattar ka Bhartha (which I tasted and was underwhelmed, it lacked any distinct flavour).

The main course is served with a selection of breads from the yeasted Khameeri rotis, lacha paratha, naan etc. My favourite was the crisp and indulgent lacha paratha, it was almost like eating puff pastry!

The home style / dhaba style Maa ki dal ~ made with whole urad dal and minimal spices, not buried under an avalanche of cream was very good.

By this time I was completely stuffed and refused the rice dish of the day~ Tawa Meat Pulao and instead took a few spoonfuls of the Award winning Biryani that Bidri is known for. The Biryani did not disappoint.

My favourite part of a meal is dessert and they had two of my absolute favourites lined up for the day. Khubani ka Meetha  and Double ka Meetha.

The presentation of these totally Hyderabadi / Indian desserts deserves special mention here. The Khubani ka Metha was presented inside an edible chocolate globe. The dish was almost mousse like, stewed apriocots topped with a mousse of whipped cream and a smattering of the apricot puree. It was sublime and I scraped every last drop of it from the chocolate bowl.

The Double ka Meetha was served Terrine style, compressed slices of fried bread, layered with khoya (reduced milk) and topped with a caramel glaze, this was great on its own, but paled in comparison to the brilliant Khubani ka meetha. I am a big fan of double ka meetha, but today it was the Khubani which had me smitten!


The meal was made memorable by the absolutely delightful company and warm service of the staff. If you like stories behind your food, this is a dinner you should not miss. The options are divided into Vegetarian (Rs. 1500 + Tax), Non Vegetarian (Rs. 1700 + Tax) and Sea Food (Rs. 1800 + Tax) and are  complete value for money.

The menu changes every day, so it would be a good idea to call and check if your favorite options are available before you make dinner plans.

Recommended Dishes: Bhatti ka Murgh, Raarhi Bateyr, Dum ki Macchi, Rajpure ka Tamatar, Laccha Paratha, Khubani ka Meetha, Sambuca Fennel and yogurt Granita

Price: The set menu starts at Rs. 1500 + Taxes f and Rs. 1800 + Taxes for the Sea Food options

Hours: 7.30 pm to midnight.

Location: Hyderabad Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre & Courtyard by Marriott Hyderabad, Opposite Hussain Sagar Lake, Hyderabad – 500080

Credit Card Accepted: Yes

Valet Parking: Available

Telephone: 91 4027522999


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  1. Neeraja says:

    I love your review. It makes me want to rush home and visit this restaurant… The dessert sounds particularly delicious!

    1. arundati says:

      Thanks Neeraja. It was truly fab. Check it out if you’re in hyd anytime soon.

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