{Eating Out} Coast to Coast – Amara, Trident

After a really long hiatus from all things blogging and specifically all things food review, I found myself seated at Amara, at Trident Hyderabad. This is one of my favourite hotels, I have dined here multiple times at all of their restaurants. Trident has always been experimental about bringing new food experiences to the city and has done so admirably.


Chef Manik welcomed me at the entrance and we chatted a bit, him telling me he hadn’t seen me in ‘forever’ and I telling him of my woes with Sage. The restaurant was buzzing, it being Thanksgiving day and I was pleasantly surprised to know that the festival was celebrating food from the world over. I must say that I didn’t expect that, I expected the food from the Indian coast, this was taking it to another level altogether. While the promotion widely showcases the Indian coastline, there are dishes from the Japan and Phuket in the far east to the Marseilles coast, Palermo in Italy), Sicily, the West Coast of America and the celebrated food from the Caribbean Islands.

At buffets (the promotion is on for their regular dinner buffet at Amara till the 30th of Nov. 2016) I usually skip the stock dishes and check out what is new. Buffets are easy to get lost at, the spread is huge and usually not as enticing as ordering A la carte.

Interspersed with the familiar, were some kick ass specialties from the coasts of the world in all the courses.


Starting with the huge display of sea produce at the sea food bar, there were oysters and humongous crabs. I skipped the soup section altogether and headed for the appetizers and salad.

Among the appetizers, I enjoyed the Hawaiian Salmon Tartare, it was served up in cute little glasses, fresh flavours and very light. Kerala fried fish was the next dish that stood out. They also had sea food ceviche and a shrimp cocktail which my fellow dinner guests loved but I did not try since I am allergic to shrimp. They also had a non coastal spread, the koshumbari from the salads and beetroot chaap, salt and pepper vegetables stood out. There is a live chaat counter and a grilling station. I tried some grill fish which was so fresh and bursting with flavour.


For the main course, they had a diverse array of dishes. The Gulf coast seafood stew was my absolute favourite. The light stew with the assorted sea food was delicious, allowing the flavours of the ingredients to shine through without overpowering spices or seasoning. Those familiar with Indian style of preparing seafood will know that we usually douse it in masala, so this was very palette pleasing, I went back for seconds.

The Phuket Massaman curry with chicken was the other dish I truly enjoyed, subtle Thai flavours in a creamy coconut gravy. There was also the Islanders Goat curry, which was flavourful but the meat a little chewy and a couple of other dishes I didn’t try. I also confess that this buffet may not be suited to vegetarians (there is plenty of regular food on the buffet tho) because of the seafood galore! From the Indian dishes I really enjoyed the Bengali Doi Mach and Goan Lamb Xacuti. All of these paired well with plain steamed rice, there was also an assortment of both Indian and other breads.

For the vegetarians there was Pad thai and a Sicilian port caponate which looked good.

There is also a live pasta counter if you are so inclined, like I mentioned, the array is huge, tipped in favour of the seafood lover tho.


The dessert assortment, which is my first love at a buffet was huge.

They had an extremely well made Creme brulee, pastries and a lot of Indian sweets, including my favourite kaddu ka kheer, the lemony passion fruit mousse and banana foster which was outstanding!

The promotional is on till the 30th of Nov 2016. Do not miss this!

Coast to Coast at Amara, Trident, Hyderabad

Recommendations: Hawaiian Salmon Tartare Salad, Goan Xacuti, Gulf coast seafood stew and Phuket massaman curry (main course), Banana foster and passion fruit mousse (dessert)

Timing: 7.30 pm to midnight.
Location: Hitech City, Hyderabad
Credit Card Accepted: Yes
Valet Parking: Available
Telephone: 91 40 6623 2323



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