Shakshuka like egg curry

On Thursday, Sage had two seizures on under two hours. I asked K to rush home and we kept vigil, gave him sedation and stayed up comforting him. He had a third one in under 12 hours and that is alarming. Taking the count to 5 in 40 days. I’m typing this after 4 days of vigil, no sleep and he’s still not out of the woods. It has been stressful to say the least. But my boy is fighting this and we are going to be better.The heat in Hyderabad had touched 46 degrees Celsius this week and the seizures have been triggered by this. But the rate at which it happened is alarming and threw us all off balance.Confined to the house, with nothing else to get my mind off what was happening, I decided to cook something comforting. Eggs are a natural choice for me, I can eat them every day of the month. Boiled, fried, curried, eggs are so tasty and wholesome. They greatly add to a meal. A few times a week I will fry an egg to add to my lunch.This is an egg curry I remember my mom’s sister making. She’d make the curry base and crack open the eggs into the hot curry. It cooked up uniquely and absorbs the gravy and flavours so well. When I became a food blogger I realized this was so similar to

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