Dal roti

We usually have leftover dal in the fridge that is either too little for a meal or no one shows interest in it.In an effort not to waste it, I knead it into regular roti dough and make rotis out of it. The dal renders the dough a softness and the spices that already exist makes for a nice mild flavour. Its like thepla but better. It won’t last as long and has to be eaten within 24 hours of making because the dal is already at least a day old.Any dal works, I’ve used sambar and veggie laden dal as well. If its too chunky I whiz it in the mixer for a few seconds and then use it.Dal roti (Makes 8)2 cups whole wheat flour1 cup leftover dal/ sambar whiz in the mixie to make a smooth paste if it is chunkysalt to tastespices to taste (red chilli powder, jeera powder)2 tablespoons fresh coriander leaves1 tablespoon oilKnead all of the above into a soft but not soggy dough. Rest 30 minutes.Divide into 8 parts, roll into balls and roll out with some dry flour into a thin disc.roast on both sides on a preheated cast iron/ non stick pan. Flip over a couple of times till brown spots form. Drizzle a bit of ghee and roast some more. Roast it soft or crisp as per your choice.Serve with yogurt and pickle.

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