I’m exhausted

For those of you who are still reading this blog….I have been very irregular. I have not cooked anything blog worthy for a long long time and when I do I am so exhausted that I cannot get to take pictures or write about it.

I do post quite a lot to Instagram tho and if you don’t already follow me there you should. Its just another random account of a person on the internet. But sometimes I post cute pictures of my dog Sage.

Starting at the middle of last year, around June we took up a house building project. K and I  decided rather bravely to build a small house and hopefully retire there in a few years. Anyone who has taken up construction will know that this is an exhausting exercise. It didn’t help that where we were building this house is about 55 kms from the city, so everything from a screw to a screw up had to be remotely managed. Towards the end of last year, it was obvious that the project needed closer supervision. So began the twice a week treks to the place, to manage everything from labour issues, missing material to it being too hot or too cold or too rainy. It has left us depleted of energy, stamina and finances. It took us 11 months, we built a small and simple house, but it is done! Towards the end of the project, we literally went every day. When I say ‘we’ I include Sage, he was packed up like a travel bag and taken on site to sit amongst rubble and cement while we held on to every last semblance of sanity to get everything done.

It has taken its toll on all of us. K has been emotionally and physically exhausted. So have I and the worst affected has been Sage. The non stop activity without any other support has made hims tired that his health has taken a solid rap. For those of you who still don’t know, Sage is epileptic and suffers from seizures. He is on solid medication administered every 4 hours and is on a strict diet, exercise, medication, rest schedule. Any kind of emotional, physical, mental stress can trigger a seizure and while he was on a cycle that was 11-12 months apart for his attacks, this spurt of exhaustion had brought him to a once a week attack. This is obviously not an ideal situation for any of us.

My classes have also suffered. I took the entire month of august off to make sure we finished all pending works and shifted furniture and moved (it will be a weekend home for now) but as luck would have it, we didn’t stick to schedule and things got delayed.

So starting this week, K and I have firmly decided that this pace is self destructive and absolutely needs to stop. We have taken a few steps back to rest and recover. We are happy with everything else, just very tired. I want to come back to this blog post in a few years and smile at how naive and innocent I was to document this.

I want to post more, but writing this itself has been a task. Wherever in life you are at this moment I send you love and good wishes.




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