About me

Home lover…Rains…Sea (esoteric child of the water god)…treks…dogs…nature wilds…Trains…Garfield…Alstroemaria blooms…Sunflower stretches…Spot 6 differences…Crossword attempts…Supper Nags…No sleepless nights….

That’s the short about me… now for the long…

I have been writing on food and life experiences on this blog for over 7 years. It has for sure changed the way I look at food and life in general. I love cooking. It is my way of unwinding even after a hard day’s work, I find calm in the kitchen. To watch people enjoy something made in your kitchen is a joy. It has been my endeavor is to eat food that is fresh, seasonal and easy to prepare on a busy day / work night with mostly locally available produce.

I am a Psychology Graduate with a post graduate degree in International Business. My day job is that of a Behavioural Trainer. On the weekends you can find me usually being a dog slave if not teaching a class on chocolate making and baking.

I write content on food, recipes, lifestyle and travel for various newspapers and publishers regularly.

  • A fortnightly recipes coloum in The Hans India (English Daily)
  • Quarterly segment in Premier Hues (Magazine published by HSBC India for its premier customers)
  • Syndicated content for online publishing
  • Inflight Magazines

Please get in touch if you would like to work with me on

  • Writing assignments on food, recipes, lifestyle and travel for newspapers, magazines, websites, etc.
  • Workshops for corporates to create awareness around healthy home style fuss free cooking and living
  • Chocolate making, baking and cooking workshops and demonstrations for corporates/ schools and other institutions (used for team building and motor skills enhancement)
  • Recipe development for food related products

Get in touch with me at arundati(dot)rao(at)gmail(dot)com

Please note that researching, writing and preparing for a workshop takes a lot of time, effort and skill and all of this does not come free. If you would like to work with me, please be prepared that I may refuse if I am offered work in exchange for product samples, blog links or my name being published.

About the Blog

Escapades is my journey at recreating a food experience that has lingered with me. Either a beloved childhood taste, something from my travels or curiosity over a cuisine or an ingredient. I began blogging to explore easy home style cooking and baking. This is reflected in the array of recipes you will find on the blog. You will find Palakkad Iyer recipes, Andhra Cuisine and dishes from across the world in equal measure.

While I like trying new things and creating a delicate balance between ingredients, quick, fuss free cooking is the style that appeals to me the best. I am always trying to find ways to reduce stress that cooking up a meal on a weekday brings. Any recipe that involves labour intensive multiple steps is woefully avoided.

I also review restaurants and products with opinions that are fully my own.I have a diverse mix of readers and I publish recipes that appeal to this mix.

I am the shopper, cook, prop stylist and photographer for all the content on this blog (unless mentioned otherwise). All content on this blog is original unless mentioned and recipe inspiration and references are clearly mentioned.

Get in touch with comments and feedback, or simple to say hello. I’d love to hear from you.


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81 thoughts on “About me

  1. Rod M says:

    Nice recipes – I will definitely try. One thing: the recipe for Hydrabadi Khichdi is a repeat of the previous recipe in the list. Can you upload the right one – would love to see and try it.

    • arundati says:

      Dear priya, thank you and you are welcome to join. The class schedules are posted on the fb page, here is a link and if you need any more info please call on 9959202255. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Facebook.com/escapadesculinarystudio/events

  2. Hema says:

    Hello Ma’am I would love to know the details regarding any baking and chocolate making classes in the near future and where these sessions would take place.

  3. sunita says:

    I am mailing you from guwahati and wanted to check with you if you have any baking and cake decoration classes in the near future in hyd

  4. Anita says:

    Arundatiji thanks for teaching me how to bake bread.it was very good experience.i would like to attend more of your classes

  5. Lucia Tomar (Jyoti) says:

    Hey arundati…was just goin through ur blog(thanks to the delicious Mango cupcakes with mango buttercream frosting Itry the recipes and who ever tasted the cupcake wanted more ….
    I worked for ITC Maurya as a training exec & auditor ops would like to learn mor from y …

    • arundati says:

      Thank you for your kind words Lucia, would be lovely to connect. Mango season is just beginning here again in India, so I will be making a lot more of this!



  7. Dhivya says:

    Hi Arundati,
    I belong to chennai and interested in learning chocolate making. Please revert with the duration of the course and the fee details.


  8. Suresh says:

    Hi, I have never seen the recipes you have made till now in my life and I am wondering your interest in making these dishes taking time and posting online with pictures. Hats Off

  9. deepa chawla says:

    Hi aruna I’m deepa frm dehradun …six hours frm delhi,…I want to tk chocolates classes frm u as I’m tkng cookery classes at home nw I want start chocolate classes as on 8 th july I’m cmng to hyd …shud it possible to me to attnd year classes its my pleasure dat I cn learn frm u …plss m vry much thankfuul to u..deepa

  10. bhavya says:

    the blog is just awesome and helpful too.the simple yet tasty recipes makes all the ladies rush to their kitchens 🙂

  11. vidya says:


    I reside at shivam road, hyderabad. i would like to know if you r conducting any classes on choclate making and also cake . if so when and wht is the duration and charges for the same.


  12. Rajini says:

    Hi Really interesting and a very good blog… Very happy to note that you are a Hyderabadi tooo… Completely agree with you!!!
    Hyderabad is home and the best place…

  13. GB says:

    Arundati, I just love your blog….just stumbled across it via fsk and I’m a fan already! Love your pictures and that mushroom biryani looks really tempting right now!

  14. Vidhya says:

    Hi Arundati

    I am interested in your chocolate making classes, could you please let me know if you conduct them in Bangalore. Thanks.


  15. Arati says:

    Oops Arundati! I am so sorry! I posted my class details on your blog thinking that you were in Hyderabad…didn’t see the Bangalore bit! My apologies! 😦

  16. Suma says:

    Came in here through Aparna’s blog, enjoyed reading about you, I completely agree that cooking is extremely therapeutic and so very enjoyable.. will keep dropping in here..

  17. Siri says:

    Now I know a little more about you ;).. I didn’t know you have a bachelors in psychology! So, what was your first impression about me. Oh wait, tell me if it is good :D. I totally forgot to ask you about your chocolate making lessons. Next time, when I come – I will try to attend for sure :D. Loved your intro.


  18. AMARESHWARI says:

    hi……this is amareshwari……….. ….

    if don,t mind give me ur contact number plz. i interested for choclates making classes……..

  19. bhagsi says:

    This new look of your blog is definitely lovely…But i am kinda confused whether dark was better or light background’s better

    • arundati says:

      thanks ma… while the dark looked great, it was kind of difficult to read…am still experimenting…. thanks for the feedback ma

  20. Vaishali says:

    Hi Arundati, Am visiting after a long time– things have been a little crazy and erratic at my end. But was so pleased to find this page, and learn a little more about you. I absolutely share your passion for chocolate, although I haven’t tried making any on my own. As for the plants– that made me smile because when Desi and I lived in Bombay, we had dozens of potted plants around the house as well, although I don’t think we had 80! Once, we brought back a few from Bangalore — where we were visiting his brother– all the way by train. Miraculously, they survived! 🙂

  21. Debbie says:

    Hey Arundati,
    Nice I must say, loved most of your dessert recipes. Never really got to know this side of you. I am glad I just did…better late than never.
    You look stunning.
    Do you have a nice simple Muruku’s(snack thing made with rice flour)recipe . Have not eaten those in years. Got the apparatus to form them, but don;t have a recipe.
    Please would you oblige me.

    Take care,

  22. Jhoomur aka jb says:

    oh my god. so nicely written and so sincere.! AND!!!!
    1. plants and dogs… 2. dreaming of a restaurant 3…love for chocolate, though i cant make it, i can SURE eat it… really like how you write. 🙂

  23. Pooja says:

    Hey Aru,

    look look gorgeious in the picture !! i enjoyed reading … though i know u lot of it!!! you are “women of substances” and K is lucky to have you in your life. May your resturtant dream come true!!!

    Best wishes

  24. Regina says:

    Dear Arundati,
    First and foremost, I love your name, its beautiful, I may be biased as I love Arundati Roy as well.

    Secondly, I must say I was very impressed to see your blog….its very simple yet nice. I never knew veggies would look as tasty as it does on your site. I should try out some of your recipes.

    If your are wondering how did I know about your blog….well, wonder no more! Your friend Millie, has spoken so highly of your blog and recipes to a whole set of us, women, via email, that I just could not help but check it out….since I have zero culinery skills…..hoping your blog helps me change!

    Wish you all the very best in all your endeavors.

    Live life to the fullest!

    Dear Regina…..i am humbled by all that you wrote…. thank you….its wonderful to know that Escapades has touched people in such a personal way….it makes blogging even more meaningful…. good luck to you too…do try out the recipes and i hope they bring you much joy….

  25. Mili says:

    Hey Anu
    u r just great at blogging and absolutely so at cooking. i think ur recipes are easy, fuss-free, healthy & nutritious. u write well too. thanks for posting the pics on orkut or i would never have known about ur interest in cooking & decorating. i have picked quite a few recipes to try. will definitely try them out during the upcoming Eid holidays. tell me more abt your interest in decorating. looks like we share a few common interests.

    Mili….now you’re making me blush :)……….. do tell me how you liked the recipes… fuss free and easy cooking!! yeah that’s me… no slaving over a hot stove stirring and frying….!!

  26. vij says:

    Hey arundati
    Enjoyed reading this! you have a gr8 flair for writing (guess “n” no. of ppl would have already told u this :-)…. even u look gr8!

  27. Aarti says:

    hey arundati…was just goin through ur blog(thanks to the delicious lookin pics u put up in ur facebook profile i had to check out ur blog!!)..and i realised we have so much in common! specially ur interest in food and decor..for a sec it felt like im reading things about myself! and me definitely gonna take down recipees specially chettinadu egg biryani ;)hehe anyways was good knowin about u…stay in touch..tc

    thank you …. am glad you liked what you saw!! cheers!!

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