Garlic Rolls in a Convection Oven

I posted this picture on instagram, and got so many comments about not being able to trust a convection oven to make bread/ cake and cookies.  First things first, there are a lot of misconceptions about using a convection oven in India. Most low end models of convection ovens usually come in combination with a … Continue reading Garlic Rolls in a Convection Oven

Multi Millet Thepla with Methi and Palak

That's a mouthful, to say and to eat. I posted a picture of this on my instagram feed and I had a lot of friends asking for the recipe. To my mind, that was odd, because this was more of a 'throw everything you have in the fridge together' type of preparation. I've had this … Continue reading Multi Millet Thepla with Methi and Palak

Tandoori Aloo Grilled Sandwich Recipe

I was going through the motions of getting through a random day. It is getting hot in Hyderabad and my energy levels are surely going to hit severely low notes soon. I had a deadline to meet and that involved shopping for ingredients, making 3 recipes, taking pictures, writing out the recipes and sending them to … Continue reading Tandoori Aloo Grilled Sandwich Recipe

Baking ~ Whole Wheat Masala Spinach Bread

Summer is upon us. No two thoughts on that. I am functioning like half my brain has melted already. Copious amounts of ale has been drunk in the name of managing the heat! and power cuts for 3-4 hours a day are a reality (also very annoying in the mornings when breakfast has to be … Continue reading Baking ~ Whole Wheat Masala Spinach Bread

Baking ~ Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

How sweet is it that a friend you meet online becomes so important that even if I were to stop blogging, the friendship wont end. Arundhati was out shopping she saw these cute christmassy stuff and immediately sent me a package... besides the christmas supplies, it had these little packets of yeast. if you are … Continue reading Baking ~ Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls