Leaving…. on a jet plane

K and i are taking off on a trip… we’ve needed this break but K sprung it on me as a surprise…. the valley of flowers and Dehradun is on the itinerary …. i dont know what else….i will turn a year older before i am back…will see you soon!!

MIA – that’s me

Am on a well deserved week long break with K’s parents at Ahmedabad…days are slothfully spent…..the most strenuous thing i need to do is maybe having a shower 😀 …. will be back home on sunday…. reality will bite…and not let go after that… See you soon!!

Aamlette Roti – Street Style Egg and Roti Recipe

this is a picture of the Aamlette roti from the cart, taken from a camera phone!! K and I are always rushing to catch planes, trains or buses!! That’s not because we’re badly planned travelers, but because we don’t plan most of the times…..we usually take off whenever work and bank balances allow us to….and…

Happy Birthday Amma

Woman of strength, woman of substance, woman of impeccable character and integrity, professor, teacher, mother, wife, sister and friend, superwoman, recycle rani, untiring appetite for story telling, boundless energy and i havent even touched half the number of years you have spent on this earth….. always ready to help anyone with a sob story, even…