Raw Papaya Salad

I made this yesterday because I cut one raw papaya for Anju who visited us for breakfast and we forgot to add it to her bag. I make this pretty often and while the template is the same, I do incorporate what I have at hand and don’t needlessly stress over ingredients I dont have….

Low calorie snacks ~ Jowar bhel

Incase you haven’t already heard from me (because my real life friends are the only ones still reading this blog) K lost a whopping 39 kilos over the last 10 months. Before you ask why I haven’t, I don’t come in the ‘one plus one offer’ and hey no one trusts a skinny cook! Anyway….

Green Apple and Fig Salad

Fresh figs have been a staple buy on a grocery run for the last few years, when they started appearing in super markets in Hyderabad. They are available for a few months of the year and are currently on the shelves. Figs are very delicate and spoil easily, so buy only as much as you…

Watermelon Feta Salad ~ My version

I buy feta cheese at ridiculous prices here in Hyderabad and have it spoil while I make grand plans to use it inventively. A few days ago, I discovered a still fresh stash of feta in my fridge and cringed at how much I paid for it and how carelessly I kept it. That discovery…

Lemon Infused Olive Oil for Salads and Soups

The aroma of a scented oil to finish off a salad or soup is enticing. After eyeing some fragrant flavoured oils on some online stores, I decided it wouldn’t be so difficult to make some myself. The process is quite simple and yet, the resulting oil is such a great add on to finish a…