Summer Chopped Salad

I always liked making and eating salads. As a child my job when we were expecting guests was to make the salad and dessert and take out and organise crockery (plates and glasses actually, we weren’t fancy) This one is apt for summer and you can dress it up or down depending on what else…

Raw Papaya Salad

I made this yesterday because I cut one raw papaya for Anju who visited us for breakfast and we forgot to add it to her bag. I make this pretty often and while the template is the same, I do incorporate what I have at hand and don’t needlessly stress over ingredients I dont have….

Low calorie snacks ~ Jowar bhel

Incase you haven’t already heard from me (because my real life friends are the only ones still reading this blog) K lost a whopping 39 kilos over the last 10 months. Before you ask why I haven’t, I don’t come in the ‘one plus one offer’ and hey no one trusts a skinny cook! Anyway….

Green Apple and Fig Salad

Fresh figs have been a staple buy on a grocery run for the last few years, when they started appearing in super markets in Hyderabad. They are available for a few months of the year and are currently on the shelves. Figs are very delicate and spoil easily, so buy only as much as you…

Watermelon Feta Salad ~ My version

I buy feta cheese at ridiculous prices here in Hyderabad and have it spoil while I make grand plans to use it inventively. A few days ago, I discovered a still fresh stash of feta in my fridge and cringed at how much I paid for it and how carelessly I kept it. That discovery…