Thanksgiving & Comfort Food ~ Palak Dal

  Today American's celebrate Thanksgiving. It was tough to escape this one because there were reminders all over fb, twitter and in my training room today as my client for the day is an american company with operations in India. I have a lot to be thankful for. this year in particular....its been a very … Continue reading Thanksgiving & Comfort Food ~ Palak Dal

Vegetable Overload Khaara Bhaath

K likes his upma plain and simple with a coconut chutney, I like it full of vegetables. We make peace at home by alternating between the two. Since I have sole custody of the kitchen, I play dirty sometimes! I had some purple cabbage lying about and I added this to the upma. I loved … Continue reading Vegetable Overload Khaara Bhaath

Festive Fare ~ Orange Scented Besan Milk Burfi

This is an easy to do variation of the popular 7 cup burfi. I couldn't get myself to add 3 cups of sugar that the original recipe calls for. For those intimidated by indian sweets, this is a good place to start. One needs to just mix everything together at room temperature and then stir … Continue reading Festive Fare ~ Orange Scented Besan Milk Burfi

Kancheepuram Idly Recipe

I've always loved the little cylindrical kanchipuram idlies. Especially the ones served at Woody's in Bangalore. A short internet search and I was all set to make them myself for breakfast one morning. Its an easy upgrade from regular idlies and since in our household we eat a LOT of them, I welcomed the beautiful … Continue reading Kancheepuram Idly Recipe