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Half a Decade …. and Counting

A white train, veil and an entourage….. a dapper groom, awaiting his bride at the altar, a church full of people, singing …..and a priest waiting to say “I now pronounce you Man and Wife” ………..

Whatever else I dreamt of, this montage was never to be…… in its place instead, was a terrible excitement that we would finally spend the rest of our lives together…….hoping that the frayed nerves would hold up till everything was over….making all of the arrangements……staying at the venue till a few hours before the reception to get everything done…..i telling you my feet were paining in those ridiculously high heels (because k is a foot taller) and you asking me why I wore them in the first place…. You grumbling over how many more hours of handshaking was in store and me asking you to shut up and smile since pictures were being clicked…..

five years then seemed like such a long time… I can’t remember when it flew past…..knowing each other as long as we have, it seems like forever….. in a nice way!! In the end it isn’t about what we did, or how we spent time, or where we’ve been and what we’ve achieved…..

To know that I will always come home to you…..that I share my life with you…that marriage wasn’t the end of all that we wanted…it was just the beginning of what we have together….to know that we don’t have to be Siamese twins…..that we can be our own people…..with opinions and ideas fiercely our own…. That it’s ok to not agree on anything and yet know that that’s the way it is going to be…..that we are chalk and cheese….that we don’t have to share anything…..religion, language, culture, interests or even food….and yet, we share the life we have together… take a line out of Jerry Maguire, “you complete me”….

I am so glad I found you K…..if I had to do it all over again, I would……and not change a thing….Happy Anniversary!!

Happy Birthday Amma

Woman of strength, woman of substance, woman of impeccable character and integrity, professor, teacher, mother, wife, sister and friend, superwoman, recycle rani, untiring appetite for story telling, boundless energy and i havent even touched half the number of years you have spent on this earth….. always ready to help anyone with a sob story, even sometimes when you are being taken for a ride…. i still am amazed with all that you want to give of yourself to others, i am amazed at the way you smile in the face of adversity…..humbled by the way you dont make a fuss but gently embrace all that life throws at you….i love and admire you so much, that i cant think of anyone else i would rather salute….. when people say i look like you, i always silently wonder if i can even be half the woman you are…..Happy Birthday…. i wish you the longest, happiest and healthiest years ahead….Happy Birthday Amma


P.S: Amma has never been to Goa, we decided to ring in her 70th birthday in goa….better late than never….!! the whole lot of us, my brother’s family, k, I and the birthday girl are currently soaking it all up!!

Happy Birthday!! err Belated………..

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The familiar feeling of breaking out into cold panic stricken sweat when you know you have forgotten something vital, doesn’t happen to me that often anymore……I’ve over the years realized that much of what we think is life altering….isn’t so actually…. I could never remember to bring the right text book to class…..when the teacher would ask us to take out our english grammar book, I would rummage in my bag only to find I carried the poetry text…..and then break into cold sweat…..did I also mention that I was painfully shy and would never be able to muster the courage to ask my ‘bench mate’ if I could share their book…..forgotten homework, forgotten games uniform, forgotten test dates, even once forgetting that the scheduled exam was social studies and not science that I had studied for!

I can never remember where I kept the receipt of the electricity bill….and in one shot have “misplaced” my school certificates, voter’s id and driver’s license….which I still haven’t “found”…….forgotten birthdays and anniversaries are another story and will be an unending one……so let me not even get there!! Sure I can always say that I am not the kind who believes in “date wise celebration”……I am more of a “celebrate when in the mood for a celebration” kind of person….and it suits me just fine!!

So let’s just say that forgetting things is part of my DNA…I wouldn’t recognize myself if this changed!! And in a bid to better this trait , I have trained myself to be a little better organized…………I have to do’s and lists and reminders…..and I pretty much try and finish vital stuff immediately so that I don’t forget and screw up!!

Why am I telling you all this?? Because sometime last week I realized that I have been blogging for over a year now……how did I remember?? It was around my birthday last year that I began posting with a little regularity though I started this blog in march……I turned a year older last week…..and as a result also remembered that Escapades too turned one in the very recent past!!

I had been reading several blogs for a whole lot longer than I would like to acknowledge…..totally in awe of what I saw….and often spent time trying to figure out what kind of people wrote them….what they would be like… like a star struck fan….exotic people who whipped up terribly creative stuff, took fantastic pictures, and wrote such good prose…….so even after I began blogging here, for a long time, whenever I posted something, I did so gingerly……like an imposter… someone would shoo me away…..i remember the ecstasy when I got my first comment …. when the hit counter registered the first thousand visits to my world……I crossed several milestones since…..i wondered if I should celebrate the number of posts and the number of modest hits……but I guess I haven’t outgrown my painfully shy self, despite the façade….. I still have a really long way to go…..but i feel almost compelled to acknowledge this year gone by…..

I am still nowhere near what I want this to be….infact I don’t quite know what I want it to be…..I remember just wanting to have a url in my name, and I couldn’t do it on another blogging portal and so I turned to wordpress…..i had no idea about widgets, hit counters and category clouds…..i still don’t claim to know very much more than when I began…..

However, this spot in cyber space has become many things to me…..Escapades, really is my getaway….where I have spent obsessive hours in front of the laptop, and sometimes gone without a trace for weeks on end… has taught me many lessons….but most importantly, it has allowed me to be myself……to come here and write what I want to….……

Personally and importantly it has helped me shed several ill begotten notions about many things……food sort of does that to you…opens up many worlds……breaks barriers real and imagined……… has made me a definitely better cook… has broadened my vision about food, the people who toil to put it on my table, the ones who cook it and the flavours that burst through your senses……it has made me more sensitive to the world I live in….it makes me think about what I buy and consume and how and from where and at what cost…..

Blogging has infused a lot of joy and happiness into my world…..and somehow calmed me……all my life I had battled people who had some really weird notions about my “type”……the kind who try to put you in a box and stick a label…..This made me so mad!!……I think Escapades has made me calmer now….because I just channel all that energy here…… on the way I have met people I now call friends …..i have received gifts, had a peek into the lives of many I admire, and discovered many more blogs whose writers are people of serious talent……plagued some of them with unending questions that they have always answered gracefully…..

And all the while Escapades imposes nothing on me….i come here to write and post as I want ….yes at some point I did obsess over it, but that too taught me that if I turned this into a chore, it would just die on me……

Coming to think of it, I didn’t think I would last this long……

So cheers to you Escapades and Happy birthday……… I am really sorry you are totally at my mercy!! And thank you all – friends, bloggers and readers for coming here and stopping for a while!!

on an impromptu break….. and reminder for WBB

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this is just one of those things that happen when you least expect it!! my in laws are here and we had planned a week’s trip, first to the temple town of Tirumala, the richest pilgrimage place in the world (and a nightmare where crowds are concerned!!)…..and a few days in chennai to meet with family…..but as luck would have it…my laptop has konked off and will take till i get back on home ground to be fixed….with all the visiting we’ve been doing, there’s hardly any time to do anything else anyways….so am on a blogging break till 28th and hopefully will get back after that…in the meanwhile, please keep sending me your entries to WBB….i am recieving the entries, but may not be able to get back immediately…will do so once i am back….but let the madness for mangoes not stop!!


Culinary Escapades will be on TV9 tonight @ 10.30 pm

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A big thank you for all the wishes and comments that my friends from the blogging world have sent my way following my last post of Culinary Escapades, my chocolate making class being covered by the local TV channel…… the telecast is scheduled for tonight. It will be on TV9, the local telugu news channel available in India at 10.30 pm and tomorrow at 2.30 pm, India time.

My little chocolate making class on TV!!

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culinary escapades….handmade chocolates

Culinary Escapades is my little chocolate making class….. i had blogged about it a few months ago when I decided to relaunch it in July this year….every week i teach people to make hand made, hand moulded chocolates of different kinds, shapes, flavours and fillings…..its an extension of my corporate training repertoire and brings my love for all things food, a little closer to my life…..its been great so far, I get calls for enquiry and people register and learn how to make the chocolates, the joy and happiness when they unmould and pack the chocolate they make is so great, more satisfying than any end of training feedback!!

A few days ago, a reporter from the local Telugu channel TV9 called me and asked for the details and asked if they could cover it…I dismissed it as a prank call….imagine my surprise when they called again on Saturday morning….15 minutes before my class was scheduled to begin, to ask for directions to my place!! To cut a long story short, the team arrived to film us at work as part of a small capsule for their entertainment and local events roundup, I had informed the participants of this, I need not have been skeptical of their response, because they were thrilled and put up quite a show…..

Instead of doing the 2 minute capsule as planned, they decided to film the entire class and later did an interview with me. They also asked me to demonstrate two varieties of chocolates for the viewers…… I had to control my grin cos for me it was actually reliving my childhood playing “kitchen kitchen” where I would speak in hindi acting like I was demonstrating a cookery program a la sanjeev kapoor…..they have told me that they’d call and inform us before the telecast…..

More on this is here……

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