Half a Decade …. and Counting

A white train, veil and an entourage….. a dapper groom, awaiting his bride at the altar, a church full of people, singing …..and a priest waiting to say “I now pronounce you Man and Wife” ……….. Whatever else I dreamt of, this montage was never to be…… in its place instead, was a terrible excitement … Continue reading Half a Decade …. and Counting

Happy Birthday Amma

Woman of strength, woman of substance, woman of impeccable character and integrity, professor, teacher, mother, wife, sister and friend, superwoman, recycle rani, untiring appetite for story telling, boundless energy and i havent even touched half the number of years you have spent on this earth..... always ready to help anyone with a sob story, even … Continue reading Happy Birthday Amma

Happy Birthday!! err Belated………..

The familiar feeling of breaking out into cold panic stricken sweat when you know you have forgotten something vital, doesn’t happen to me that often anymore……I’ve over the years realized that much of what we think is life altering….isn’t so actually…. I could never remember to bring the right text book to class…..when the teacher … Continue reading Happy Birthday!! err Belated………..

on an impromptu break….. and reminder for WBB

this is just one of those things that happen when you least expect it!! my in laws are here and we had planned a week's trip, first to the temple town of Tirumala, the richest pilgrimage place in the world (and a nightmare where crowds are concerned!!).....and a few days in chennai to meet with … Continue reading on an impromptu break….. and reminder for WBB

Culinary Escapades will be on TV9 tonight @ 10.30 pm

A big thank you for all the wishes and comments that my friends from the blogging world have sent my way following my last post of Culinary Escapades, my chocolate making class being covered by the local TV channel…… the telecast is scheduled for tonight. It will be on TV9, the local telugu news channel … Continue reading Culinary Escapades will be on TV9 tonight @ 10.30 pm

My little chocolate making class on TV!!

Culinary Escapades is my little chocolate making class..... i had blogged about it a few months ago when I decided to relaunch it in July this year....every week i teach people to make hand made, hand moulded chocolates of different kinds, shapes, flavours and fillings.....its an extension of my corporate training repertoire and brings my … Continue reading My little chocolate making class on TV!!